English TV woman told of her having sex with strangers



Stephanie Cohen has attracted media attention because of amazing stories: a woman claims that extraterrestrial experienced orgasm during intimacy with the aliens.

Management of one of British TV channels so interested in fantastic narratives Cohen that invited her to take part in the program and describe in detail his extraordinary experience.

In the studio, bright guest met leading Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, and Professor Chris French, who studies paranormal phenomena of the human psyche.

"We are delighted to have you here today. Describe how you have been traveling through the solar system, how you got there" — appealed to Cohen television presenter and model Holly.

Stephanie willingly explained: "My group, which I call Team Spirit, is a UFO or flying saucer. Their we use to exit the solar system. This occurs during sleep — my physical body sleeps, but the spirit roams."

Willoughby immediately asked, not whether the alien travels only a dream, inspired by the dreams of a woman.


"This is not a dream but a reality. Most people tremble when confronted face to face with a stranger — seriously Cohen said, and continued. — There are cat people, and there are reptiles, but all of them — of different races. They come out of the system, located in the constellation Canis Major. Aliens love to have sex, especially cat people — they pose a special impulse. Newcomers often come to me for sexual contact, giving the alien orgasms. Such feelings I have not experienced with any lover, so I do not need earth guy . "

Professor Chris French, carefully listening to a woman with red dreadlocks, was skeptical of her confession: "All this is happening only in the head and called Stephanie genital disorders. Many patients find this pathology is not very pleasant, but our guest was lucky. Seems like she really strange feeling. "


At the end of the transfer Phillip Schofield asked Cohen spiritual leaders to demonstrate their strength, guessing what is in the portfolio, which is located in the dressing room.

Stephanie went into a trance and said: "I see the portfolio. It's dark with a silver stripe. But I can not see its contents. Could try an experiment later. My powers do not work, when suddenly something you want."

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