Estonians are preparing to stop the Russian army … (documentary comedy)

On the ground in Thapa held secret teachings of the Estonian Defence Forces on tactics and obstruction of tank and motorized breakthrough Russian army. Conducted the exercise equipment models presumed enemy BTR-80, BMP-1 (donated to the museum finami art) Russian tracked all-terrain vehicle, the T-55 (leased from Latvia). Also, as NATO and the superiority of technology was used to compare the Finnish armored personnel carrier (in my HA-200).

What came out of it — you can see in this short 10-minute video:

In short, as evidenced by a brave old soldier Estonian:

"This is training to discourage Russian military equipment. Using a bulldozer and then the mother, we dug trenches and scarps of different configurations to empirically learn the most effective way to deal with the Russian barbarians on rusty tanks." Then all the way to justify that it is not got to stop. Then, on the orders of Commander crew specifically puts the T-55 in the pit, as though to justify the costs for teaching and demonstrate that at least some success. In the end, the Estonians are building a wall of logs, which rests against the tank and … can not be overcome! The program host at the end of pathetically said, "As you can see, Russian tanks, we have nothing to fear! While we have a brave old soldier and as long as there is Estonian trees that will stop any Russian tank!"

PS The film does not show that the tanks and infantry fighting vehicles can not only stupid to go and shove drill the obstacles, but also to shoot. Over obstacles. Obstacles from the Estonian wood such as his head organizer of the exercise. Also set aside the fact that, in any tank regiment. Brigade is a special piles and pontoons to overcome the natural obstacles and digging caponiers. Also left overs fact that the tanks one by one does not go.

Conclusion — do not drive in Estonia on a lone tank and everything will be fine. Come on three! )

We live in a cold region,
We Estonia name.
We collect handouts,
we sometimes give.
We in the European Union face
very important gentlemen.
We even have something to be proud —
we have our own veil. (water)

Mmmm … Kui raske Eestis olla.
Mmmm … Kui raske Eestis olla.

Estonians often joke about what we've been thinking.
We do not have enough sun
on the real exchange.
In the summer a lot of sunbathing,
to think quickly.
In summer, there are well
as much as 10 long days.

Mmmm … Kui raske Eestis olla.
Mmmm … Kui raske Eestis olla.

We have our orders,
we are honest people,
and our beds on the field —
not a vegetable garden.
Agriculture smartly
developed at the edge of their own,
the ground fertilized only
patented by shit.

Mmmm … Kui raske Eestis olla.
Mmmm … Kui raske Eestis olla.

We are not afraid of Russia,
have its own army.
Thousands of cyclists
and the ship in the port floor.
On the border of all serious
not break any.
The attack is not possible,
we will not give them visas!

MM.Ne we are afraid of Russia!
MM.Vobschem us and did not ask!

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