French designer Olivier Goulet has worked for many years on the creation of high-strength material that looks and quality similar to human skin. Finally, he did it, he called his creation SkinBag. Synthetic material, but so realistically simulate the human skin, even creepy. The texture can even see pimples, moles and calluses. Models — jackets, bags, belts, collars, jumpsuits, skirts, performed on seamless technology, and according to the customer on the product can even be a tattoo. The designer says that this clothing is so convenient that would be just an extension of the human body and the one who would dare to wear like that, just have not noticed it and feel like your own skin.


It is worth all of this is not cheap: Jacket — 600 euros, skirts — 250, vests — 450 euros, in the form of a handbag with a strap-fetal umbilical cord — 180 euros, the usual bag — 300 euros, belts, collars, bracelets — from 60 to 130 euros . On the bag in the form of a severed head and backpacks prices are not set.

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