Europe is experiencing water shortages

Europe is experiencing water shortages Facts

The economy and the state of ecosystems in Europe under threat as long inefficient use of water resources. The situation is so serious that requires urgent intervention, according to the European Environmental Service in a report to the World Forum on Water in Marseille.

Europeans need for water is growing.

Due to climate change, some regions near the river basins lack of water. Compounding the situation irresponsible behavior of citizens in relation to this valuable natural resource. In addition to the introduction of a special ban on irrigation hoses need other more effective and long-term measures, said service. For example, the analysis of how and how much to use water resources, and the development of measures to optimize the use of this.

The humidity level in Europe as of March 11, 2012.

In general, the European Union for agriculture uses about a quarter of water from natural sources. In Southern Europe the figures as high as 80%. In this case, farmers concerned about the rise in water prices and how efficiently it is used in some industries.

Agriculture can use up to 80% of the available water.

To conserve water supplies for irrigation of crops is necessary to introduce drip irrigation, it will be much more economical with the cost required for its treatment and transportation. A thrift may be a good incentive for each farmer who takes care of its production budget.

Ecosystems reduction of water has serious consequences. Disrupts familiar natural processes, such as the ripple of water, allowing fish populations to travel on the river.

The speaker at the Forum, MS Gorbachev, president of Green Cross International, observed that no longer possible to use water in such unrestricted scale, as was done in the 20th century. From personal political experience Gorbachev can confirm that the global water crisis is directly linked to the wrong economic and political position of the country. That is why all states need to rethink the purpose of their further economic development and to pay much more attention to the maintenance of environmental, health, environmental, education and culture.

At the moment, seven British water company officially announced a ban on the use of irrigation hoses to the south and east of the country due to an abnormally low level of water in rivers and reservoirs. The ban will come into force in April 2012.

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