Europe two in one: January frosts and floods

Europe two in one: January frosts and floods Weather and Climate

Fig. After the flood people return to their homes in the village Bisser, South Bulgaria.

Severe winter weather in Europe took another 33 lives, and in the Bulgarian village Bisser four people drowned as a result of dam, which could not withstand the heavy snowfall melt and heavy rains. Flood washed away homes and cars, has brought significant damage in the area of Russian gas, gas supplies to Italy is still not fully recovered. Italian Industry Minister assesses the situation with gas as critical. The threat of flooding as a result of destruction of dams exist for Greece and Turkey.

In January 2012 in Poland due to low temperatures 62 people have died. Here in the north-eastern regions of the night the temperature dropped to-24C. In the Croatian region Dolmat over hundreds of villages cut off from the outside world due to heavy snowfall, is missing, four people were killed. One Croat had to give birth in their own home, listening to instructions midwife on the phone, because all roads to its locality were completely covered with snow.

In Serbia, because hypothermia killed 10 people, two in Montenegro, Bosnia-eight. In the north-western part of the Czech Republic along the German border, shows a temperature

-39,4 ° C. Reported 20 frozen, including many homeless.

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