Europe welcomes spring

Europe meets the spring weather and climate

Arctic Oscillation, which caused abnormal cold in Europe in January and February 2012, weakens and moves south to the other side of the planet. This means that the continent has finally spring comes, will strengthen its position closer to the day of the vernal equinox.

It is suggested that the warming in Europe could mean a return of cold weather to the territory of the North American continent. However, the second winter will not be as severe as in Europe, and will last for long.

As for the European spring, it can turn into a disaster with these floods due to a sharp rise in temperature. The story of the world cut off from the settlements and recreation areas can be repeated again.

Thus, in Bulgaria and Romania in the next few days, the air warms up to 10 ° C, which can cause extremely dangerous driving of ice on the Danube and contingencies to the operation of river embankments and dams. In this regard, the European Commission launched the European system for flood prevention, developed on the basis of experience gained in 2002, during the flood of the Danube and Elbe.

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