Farewell to Africa

Sensational film, shot in 1966 by two talented Italian documentary Gualtiero Dzhakopetti and Franco Prosperi. In most reviews of the film you will find the following in the bottom line, thinking, impartially to remove the tape, showing the essence of the African people, which manifests itself immediately if they are left to themselves. What is this entity? Savagery, barbarism, senseless brutality, abnormal blood lust, asocial. This results in endless civil wars, the destruction of protected animals, genocide and other pleasures of life, free from the hegemony of the white man.

In our view the critical perception of the pledged by the authors in the film "message of" civilizational identity defines human beings, so our readers to draw conclusions on their own.

Attention! Strictly not recommend watching the impressionable, nervous, pregnant women and children up to 16 years. The film is replete with scenes of brutal violence and murder.

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