Fathers love gay foster children

A resident of the UK, who as a child survived sexual violence by a gay adoptive father, took years to prove his guilt.

Now Andy Cannon '23 and he has two children. He said he had not once complained about the adoptive social services, but they ignored his appeal.

For the first time adopter, David Cannon, has applied to child abuse when he was 9 years old. Around the same time foster father started dating men. In 2004, Andy for nine days ran away from home, unable to withstand abuse.

However, social workers have returned it to the family. David Cannon, they characterized as "a very caring parent." A boy on the other hand, labeled as — "ungovernable.

In the opinion of Andy social services just did not want contact with gays and accuse people of something different sexual orientation.

Now Andy has hired lawyers and filed a lawsuit against the social service of Wakefield in Yorkshire. He accuses her of Employees in the careless and erroneous decision, which was taken in response to his complaint. Andy Cannon then mistakenly recognized the mentally unstable and prescribed powerful drugs.

54-year-old David Cannon and his 31-year-old partner, John Scarfe brought to justice in 2006. After another incident of domestic Andy was back at social workers, and then he finally managed to convince them that he was abused parents.

The men were charged with sexual offenses against a minor and was jailed for 2.5 years each. Andy Cannon in the past year, after five years of litigation, it was possible to obtain compensation in the amount of 25,000 pounds.

Today Andy Cannon said: "If my father was in a heterosexual relationship, to listen to my complaints right away. Social workers just wanted to look politically correct. They never should have let all these events, but instead they seem to have swept everything under the carpet. " According to Cannon, social workers have had plenty of reasons to pick him out of a dysfunctional family.

"I spoke to a social worker, but they did not believe me. I told them when I came home from school and my father was in a bad mood, he tore the evil in me. He beat me and raped. I was a father to the sex toy, and many times I thought he would kill me, "- says Andy Cannon.

According Kennoga, it is still hard to cope with the fact that he survived.

"Of course, I was very happy when I finally listened and when I was free from violence, and they were sent to jail. But their imprisonment — it's like a walk in the park compared to what I had experienced, "- said Andy. He has temper tantrums, a few times he tried to kill himself.

"And sometimes I think that my friend would be much better off without me. People dream of a beautiful house, a good job, the annual holiday abroad. And I live just for the sake of his girlfriend and two children, "- admitted the man. Now Andy and his girl waiting for the third child.

David Cannon allowed to adopt Andy in 1997 when the boy was 8 years old. Previously, David was accused of abuse of natural mother of the boy, and the theft of a computer and possession of marijuana. Not specified as to why the child is generally defined in a foster home, if he had a mother.


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