FLEET NEW DEMANDS FOR desalination plants «Guarding». CORVETTE CREW-«INVISIBLE» thirsty in the campaigns

FLEET NEW DEMANDS FOR desalination plants

New corvette «Guarding» (Series 20380 technology «stealth»), which became part of the Baltic Fleet in 2007, losing part of the combat potential due to the insignificant first glance prerequisites — a bad job board desalination plant RO-RO 510DT10S company » RokemTehnika. » For disk imaging «Izvestia», the Commission has prepared a report on the Baltic Fleet of five manual corvette where noted this shortcoming.
The report says that for each of the 99 crew members accounted for less than 5 liters. of water per day, taking into account production of food and dishwashing. One of the naval officers said «Izvestia» that because of this particular ship was nicknamed «Ringworm (shingles).» Navigators demand to desalination and change it to a foreign, namely Spanish.
For almost 5 years in the ranks «Guarding» went through several 10’s of thousands of nautical miles, including 4 long hikes in the Baltic Sea. All this time the lack of fresh water prevented observe simple hygiene regulations. For example, for the washing of the personnel had to collect rain water for a week. In any of the campaigns actually worked laundry, cases of head lice, lichen and other nasty diseases. Native desalination plant produces low-quality water with impurities bolshennymi salts, the report said. Drinking was boiled it is recommended in moderate amounts.
But the military-industrial complex claims sailors categorically reject. A source in the shipbuilding industry, said, «Izvestia», that in the process of municipal test 5 years ago, unit operating in the normal mode, giving the estimated 5 tons of fresh water per day. This number allows each sailor and officer taken once daily five-minute shower.
Difficulties with watermaker interlocutor «Izvestia» associated with low levels of training of personnel, also Zapyataev waters of the Gulf of Finland.
— It is full of silt, mud, slurries — all clogs filters and cartridges, — he says. — For installation requires continue to monitor and repair, and the crew did not work with that sovladevaet. Generally complex ship mechanisms, particularly in the modern «stealth» require such training, that after six months the sailor does not teach, and not enough officers. Desalination plant itself is made up of German and devices used by 15 civilian trawlers from Murmansk, where problems do not appear.
CEO «RokemTehniki» Alexander said Petrushkov «Izvestia» that official complaints Navy installation have been reported.
— For «the keepers» it was collected in Germany. Installation and set up for food and drink, but only for bathing and household needs — he singled.
Rear Admiral Vladimir Zakharov supplies in turn reminded «Izvestia» that Russian Navy desalinated water was also used for domestic purposes only.
— A washed personnel seawater, why there was a special shampoo «Selena». Drinking water is pumped into the tank still on the shore, and as consumed, refueled from tankers, — said Rear Admiral supplies.

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