Flooding in Cambodia, at least 30 dead

October 1, 2013. In Cambodia, the continuing flood. On Tuesday, the provinces along the Mekong River in the capital — the city of Phnom Penh, the water level rose even higher. Element has already claimed the lives of at least 30 people.

This — Kandal province.

Local resident: "It is difficult to move through a flooded village, especially to get to the hospital. And we do not have enough food because we can not engage in agriculture. Where we do it? "

Someone carpentry work boat from plastic bottles and tires. But not everyone has that opportunity.

Local resident: "We do not have enough to eat and difficult to move around. For those who have a boat, it's easier, but I — no. Therefore it is necessary each time to dive into the water to go. "

Flooding caused by heavy rains have affected at least seven Cambodian provinces.

According to meteorologists, the water will continue to come in three provinces. They also fear that in some regions the water level can reach the mark at which it was in 1996. Then the severe floods killed 170 people and affected more than a million inhabitants.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television


Cambodia suffers from heavy floods

October 1, 2013. The victims of the floods in Cambodia have killed at least 30 people. The banks as a result of heavy rains left the Mekong River — the largest in Indochina. Thousands of families were forced to leave their homes. Destroyed one hundred thousand hectares of rice fields. Flooded up to 70,000 homes. High water brings a lot of trouble residents Kandal province, in the south of the country:

"We did not have enough food and water. We hardly we move from one place to another. For those who have a boat easier. And I have no boat. And I have to go in the water if need somewhere to go. "

Meteorologists warn that the water in the Mekong River could reach a dangerous level, as it was in 1996. Then the element claimed the lives of 170 people. More than a million Cambodians suffered.

Source: Euronews

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