Flooding in China: the terrible rumors about the bodies on trees and dancing in the squares

September 4, 2013. "River Dragon raging at us for a second month." "It rains incessantly and a half months, Hyeluntszyan (as the locals call Cupid) poured for miles" "Hundreds of people were killed, missing even more." "We can not get out of their homes. We have no drinking water, electricity and food, "- such records leave the residents of flooded provinces of China on the Internet. Meanwhile, the state-owned Chinese media reported that the death toll from floods in the region amounted to 54 people. "MK" has tried to sort out the situation.

As can be seen from the records of forums on the Internet, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Guangdong to the north-east and south-east are in the water. Local residents were left without light, they complain that the government does not provide them with assistance, newspapers are silent about their plight, while on the TV show reports from rescuers and officials who tour the flooded areas.

Landslides hit the county Tsinguan in Liaoning Province. In the urban district Nankotsyan dam was broken. Several villages virtually washed away from the face of the earth. Locals say that the information was blocked, and rescue operations are not carried out.

"We have just flooded the first floors of high-rise buildings — says a resident of the city district Huntushan. — My brother had just come out of the county Nankotsyan. There had miraculously escaped from the disaster locals can not find their loved ones. They blew a stream of water. Reservoir upstream constantly flushed to where the water was at a safe level. "

"We have killed more than a hundred people — says a resident of the city district Nankotsyan. — It all happened suddenly, no warning was not. We feel the smell of decomposing bodies, no hope. Longer remain in their flooded homes could not have gone crossed by several rivers. "

A student from the District Nankotsyan his friend in Blagoveshchensk said that the victims were quick to remove the trees and cremated. In the villages, there is chaos and a terrible smell. Stream washed away entire villages. Rescue operations have covered only 20% of the affected areas. "

Of the urban district Simapu come equally catastrophic messages: "We were flooded six villages. Local officials are afraid to report it to senior management, as they are afraid of losing jobs. Until we did not get no lifeguard, no journalist — says one of the locals. — When the earthquake happened, television Trubilo about every ten minutes on the news. It was a natural disaster, and flooding and landslides — is the result of poor management. And in Communist China is to be the best. Here managers can not not think about the people. "

Local people on the forums say that the official media silent about the number of victims of the floods. In fact, the dead and missing to order more.

In cities where the flood began to subside, the streets remained a thick layer of silt. Townspeople reported: "The waters recede very slowly. All were littered with debris and rubble of the trees. We go in gauze bandages, fear of infection. It should be a terrible smell in damp piles of garbage bred slugs. "

To get the most complete and accurate information, we caught up with Paul Pirogov, resident of the town of Fuyuan, who was in the disaster area disaster. Here's what he said about what is happening there, where it is:

— We live in Fuyuan county. From the Amur Khabarovsk — is just 68 km away. As for the victims, we had only heard about the three deaths in our county. But according to local residents, these curious themselves climbed close to the water, killing stupidity. It should be noted that the Chinese were ready for a flood, pre-stocked with sand, laid the dam of the bags. According to my sources, the water abruptly never arrived, so did not have to flee. At first, the people en masse sat on the beach and fishing. Once declared «SOS» — banning find near the shore, fishermen obediently left their seats. Personally, we have not heard of a single case of mass casualties from flooding in the border areas.

— Is among the Chinese living in the provinces, too, there was no panic? It is unlikely that the villagers were warned of the disaster?

— Panic and there was not anywhere else. In mid-August, when the element is already raging, we went by bus to Harbin and Jiamusi. Everywhere was quiet. More panic raised my Russian friends, who broke off my phone. You see, since the flooding began and is still with us in the county flows ordinary life — nightly dancing in the square has not been canceled. The Chinese, who returned to the Fuyuan from other cities, too, no horror stories to tell. We have in only one school set up point for evacuees from the disaster zone — the victims provided food, cellular communications, and clothes. People from flooded villages in no need, in any case, no one complains. For example, I heard from one woman's story that she had a cottage in the water came up to the bed. But she calmly told me about it, not the slightest regret in her voice was not. Like, what happened, happened. Humanitarian aid were not all affected the Chinese. Them and said, "There are many people live, so not all at once."

— And the Russians living in the Ussuri, received the payment?

— Today, just talking with friends and the settlement of the Ussuri. Everyone is waiting for the payment, but as long as we are about cash payments being sluggish … Because the water still keeps coming and the final results of the elements sum up too early. Do not give out money and time. So, apparently, according to authorities.

— And what about the loot? This phenomenon is familiar to the Chinese? In Khabarovsk, for sure, from flooded homes plundered everything they could carry away?

— Friends of Khabarovsk was told that many people for that reason do not want to leave their home — sit without light and water, the police are trying to protect these facilities. We have, in Fuyuan, flooded houses there. But about the looting in China, I still have not heard yet. The laws here are very severe, and the Chinese are very law-abiding people.

— According to some reports, the death toll in China has exceeded one thousand, but the authorities ignore these figures. For example, people write on forums that were mass graves in provinces such as Hunan, Ftsshtsn, Huntushan, Nankotsyan, Simapu … Local residents complain that everyone forgot about them and support them no one has.

— I heard about it the first time. According to my information, is completely flooded provinces in China do not. Flooded only the coastal areas of China along the middle reaches of the Amur and Ussuri rivers. I was surprised when on Russian television showed Heihe, and called the province of Liaoning. Much confusion has occurred. Understand all the Chinese people knew in advance about the big water, as we sank to the Amur region and the water past us could not get through. As for the mass graves in China, they just can not be. There are more than 30 years as a prohibited burials — the only complete cremation. So Chinese cemeteries can not pose a threat of infection, they do not exist.

— And yet it is true that the scale of the disaster in China many times greater than Russia?

— The main thing is that China is not flooded any big city — neither Harbin nor Jiamusi not flooded towns along the Songhua River or the Amur. Severely affected only coastal villages and small settlements. The scale of the disaster, of course there are more, because unlike Russia, China everywhere — agricultural field — it is their flooded on Aug. 28 after a dam in the county Bacha in Tongjiang.

— Water continues to cover China?

— Water today we kept at the same level the first day. Upstream of falling for a fourth day, but the decline is not significant

— But the flow of tourists has subsided due to the current situation

— Tourists have not since August 12, despite the fact that the airports in Harbin, Jiamusi and Heihe while working. Covered only route Nizhneleninskoye-Tongjiang, Khabarovsk-Fuyuan, Pashkovo-Jiayin, Amurzet-Lobey. But Blagoveshchensk was not closed — usually tourists went through the cargo port of Heihe. So yesterday, the port started in normal mode.

Russian representatives have stressed that the Chinese do not give them any official information about what they actually are. So we can only rely on eyewitness accounts. And they, of course, vary depending on the location.

Source: MK.RU

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