Flooding in Colorado: More than 500 missing

September 15, 2013. More than 500 people are reported missing in the U.S. Colorado as a result of the ongoing floods, which claimed five lives, said on Sunday the American television channel CNN.

Given the scale of disasters, the number of dead and missing will increase, according to authorities. "I guess that in the next few days we will continue to receive information on missing persons and of deaths" — pessimistic sheriff said one of the affected districts by John Schultz.

A few days in the U.S. state of precipitation fell as much as usually falls in a few months. U.S. President Barack Obama introduced in Colorado a state of emergency. Now the situation has passed control of the Federal Agency for Emergency Management USA.

In the affected areas to assist local authorities sent rescue workers and equipment. To the rescue forces joined the U.S. National Guard and additional police units. On the trucks they drove up the provisions and water to areas of the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, which at the moment were completely blocked as a result of river flooding.

The works are complicated, as many roads were impassable due to landslides triggered by bottling water. Many places were damaged phone antennas providing cellular communication.

Thousands of people were evacuated. The inhabitants of the village of Jamestown, located in the mountains, evacuated directly from the rooftops by helicopters. Some refuse to leave their homes because of fears that they may rob the home.

"The authorities have made it clear that the residents who decided to stay, will not be a second chance, especially for the sake of their rescuers will not come back" — quoted by Associated Press Bowdler County Sheriff Joe Pelle. "We try not to force anyone to leave the house. We try not to push, but we are very clear terms the facts show what consequences to take such a decision, "- he said. The village can stay for a few weeks without electricity, sewerage and telephone services, rescue workers have been warned.

Heavy rains in Colorado has led to the evacuation of more than 2,500 people. Over the past week there has dropped more than 38 inches of rain, almost half of the average annual level, says BBC. On Sunday, again expected heavy rain and storm.

Source: Interfax


Flooding in the U.S., 600 people were, five — were killed

September 15, 2013. In the U.S. state of Colorado continues to struggle with the flood, which was called the most destructive in the past 30 years. Five people were killed and dozens injured. Almost 600 people are reported missing. The material damage amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars. President Barack Obama has signed a decree on the allocation of the residents of Colorado assistance from the federal budget.

The most difficult situation in the northern and central parts of Colorado destroyed bridges and roads, reports the channel "Russia 24".

Source: Lead

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