Flooding in northern Chile

Flooding in northern Chile Natural Disasters

As a result of uncontrolled rains in northern areas of the South American nation of Chile rivers burst their banks, coastal homes inundated with water. Some river bridges could not stand the pressure of the water and were damaged. Affected railway lines nearby Peru.

In Chilean military fears that the flow of water can wash landmines from their default location, which is a great threat to civilians. Thus, on 19 February during a similar flood 300 anti-tank mines were carried water to the side of the main transport hub of the region, which has since been closed to traffic for a few days.

According to official sources, out of the valley floods Azapa evacuated about 300 Chileans. Crops in the valley are covered with mud and sediment can not be restored. The province Tamarugal in connection with current events declared code red danger. 1500 inhabitants of the coastal city of Punta Arenas, the southern province of Magallanes left without electricity, there canceled classes in schools. Hundreds of victims in the city of Arica in the north.

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