Flooding in the Far East and Kamchatka suddenly seized

September 20, 2013. Abundant rainfall, which came a few days ago to Kamchatka, have led to floods. In one of the districts of the province on Friday imposed an emergency — nearly flooded hundreds of homes, closed the only road leading into the area, damaged bridges. The prosecutor's office felt that the regional authorities were late in warning the population of impending water and prepared documents for the decision to institute criminal proceedings.

At the same time the major disaster area from the collapsed to the Far East two months ago, flooding continues to Khabarovsk — there, in different localities, including the capital city of the region, flooded more than 2.7 thousand houses. Also affected by the disaster Amur and Jewish Autonomous Region, "hooked" and Primorsky Krai.

The damage from the disaster felt by 135,000 residents, the water flooded 14,000 houses, thousands of which can be found not to be restored. Flooded 1.5 thousand kilometers of roads, 174 bridges, more than 800 social projects.

Distance is not an obstacle

Kamchatka, located at a distance of more than a thousand kilometers across the sea and over 3 thousand miles by land from the main flood season in the Khabarovsk region, suddenly became the focus of attention for the same reason.

In the region of Kamchatka Sobolev regime was introduced because of an emergency where flooding. In the flood zone were more than 100 houses, which are home to about 400 people. Were also flooded and social facilities — closed school and kindergarten. The authorities have arranged for two people temporary accommodation, where to evacuate those whose home was severely damaged by the disaster.

The only road that runs along the pipeline route Sobolev-Petropavlovsk, closed bridges damaged. Also closed the road linking the village Sobolev wellhead.

Punish anyone who help?

Leadership of the province has already announced that will provide financial assistance to residents of the affected homes. They will receive a lump sum of 25 thousand rubles for each home. Those who lost their crops, without having to build it before the flood, to help with the seed.

At the beginning of next week to the affected area by helicopter deliver heat gun to dry homes and an additional supply of bottled water. Now the drinking water for the population are taken to kuboteynerah. Adequate supply of food and medicine into the area available.

District prosecutor's office, in turn, said that the district administration officials have not provided Sobolev timely information to the public about the impending danger, and on the basis of the ruled.

Materials sent to the investigating authorities to address the issue of a criminal case against an individual suspected of failure to provide public notification of the organization of impending danger — flooding houses.

According to the supervisory authority, the majority of local residents learned of the impending flood, when the water is already came close to home.

Head GUMCHS for Kamchatka region of Russia Oleg Volinkin said that "the flood was unexpected." According to him, the water level in the river exceeded the critical level of 50 centimeters in just 5 hours. It is possible that the cause of the flood was the traffic jam on the river. Now the water gradually subsides in the morning it fell by 6 inches.

The basic story

Territory for which are still being followed too much remains Khabarovsk region. On Friday, the water level continued to fall in the Amur River near Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur, and in Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, where a couple of days waiting for the peak of the flood, he has remained at the same level.

In general, help the Far East continues to come from different parts of not only Russia, but also in other countries.

So, Uralmashplant send in humanitarian aid to the affected areas and heat guns, which will be dried at home. In several regions of the country continue to gather support and funds for the victims in the Far East. Belarus has sent another batch of the Amur region of humanitarian cargo — 50 tons of canned meat.

In addition, it was reported that the federal budget can make changes that will include the cost of eliminating the consequences of the flood.

According to Deputy Prime Minister for Far Eastern Affairs Trutnev, the calculations should be completed within two weeks, after which will be drafted amendments to the budget.

"We'll find the money to flood regardless of whether already enter in the budget year or not," — he added.

Source: RIA Novosti


Flooding in the Far East

Infographics allows you to compare the form of the Amur River and its tributaries during the flood and before it began, and see the settlements affected by the elements.

Source: RIA Novosti

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