Flooding in the Maldives

May 15, 2013. A powerful storm suddenly flown to the Maldives, has caused flooding in one of the groups of islands and small atoll Fuvahmulah neighboring atolls. The water in some parts of the coast has risen by 6 meters and above. Other Maldives also suffered from Surges waves caused by storm wind with a speed of 70 km / h There were flooded agricultural crops.

Typically, these severe storms and flooding caused by the wave of small islands extensive property damage, food shortages and other inconveniences. The Maldives atoll Thinadhoo and Gaafu Dhaalu-exactly what happened. Valuable for the local community sources of fresh water are filled with salt water. The damage caused by the mixing of two types of water masses, is still not completely defined.

Minor damage found on the island Fioyre. On Fuvahmulahe all security services transferred to a state of high alert, as it is expected that the storm delayed over the Maldives, and the flooding worse. A week ago, the island has struggled with flooding and tropical storm tore off the roof of local houses and damage the wood.

Source: EcoWars.tv

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