Flying in a box store surveillance camera recorded


A strange incident at the store of Whitstable (Whitstable), Kent, has guarded the English. The fact is that in the supermarket settled ghost flashy buyers tea.

As the website of Metro, a few days ago in the town of Whitstable store came another buyer. The gray-haired man walked into the department, where they were exposed to all kinds of tea, and took one of the stacks, he began to study the information on the packaging. At this time, in the supermarket strange things began to happen: from the rack, located behind the Englishman, he suddenly got up and hung in the air box of tea, and after it took off from the shop window and fell green packaging.

Once the client has stooped to pick up a fallen stack, landed at his feet levitating goods. It is worth noting that the man did not pay any attention to the paranormal: he lifted the box and put them in their place. The incident became known through the store owner Michelle Newbold (Michelle Newbold), which was looking through video surveillance cameras. According to the woman, the incident remains a mystery to her.

"About once a week I check what was happening in the building of my supermarket. During the study of the next video I came across the amazing shots. I could not believe my eyes and explain to myself how this could happen — marvels Michel. — The client does not Staff said a word about what had happened, and I do not even know who it was. "Michelle put movie with flying packs of tea on YouTube, in the hope that users will share their views video hosting.

"I have never encountered a similar, and I have not the foggiest idea what was going on that day. I would be interested to know if anyone has information that explain the strange phenomenon. Way, I do not believe in ghosts, and the incident the tea had no effect on my beliefs, "- said Newbold. But the pub manager was convinced of the existence of ghosts when something invisible stole his iPhone.

Anna Romantseva

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