Forecasters predict Estonia frosty June

June 3, 2013. Natural anomalies detected not only in Siberia, where after the heat unexpectedly snowed, but also in Europe. Estonian Institute of Hydrometeorology promises that the country can return frosts.

As reported by weather forecasters, June 7-9 in Estonia can register frosty nights: at the surface (2 m), the temperature drops to zero, and to the No. 2 degrees below zero. At the same time freezing may follow after the heat in the first days of the month. So, on June 4-5 in Tallinn temperature reaches 25-27 degrees Celsius, and these days will be for the country hottest this month.

Concerns Estonian weather forecasters are not shared by other experts. According to the forecast meteorologist Russia, at the end of the week the temperature in the capital of Estonia will not fall below 13 degrees Celsius. Weather FORECA (Yandex-Weather) promises to Estonia for less than 10 degrees at night. It is reported that on June 7-9, precipitation in Estonia will not, therefore, even in the case of freezing snow, is not likely to fall out.

Institute of Hydrometeorology of Estonia declares that the second half of June in the country will be cool and rainy.

May and the first days of June 2013, many countries have marked natural disturbances. In May, heavy snowfall took place in Spain and the UK. In Barnaul, snow fell after a thirty-heat. June 2nd snowfall hit the Kemerovo, and on June 3 emergency because of snowfall was announced in Cape Town in the southern hemisphere winter came on June 1, but the snow at any time of the year in South Africa are rare.

Source: Voice of Russia

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