Four types of perception of chaos

Four types of perception of chaos Facts

It's about how people interpret the unfavorable situation in the world, and the corresponding behavior of thinking. The general attitude, and unfortunately, the most common way of thinking expressed complacency and indifference to the circumstances that threaten us. People almost refuse to believe that the situation in the society on the brink of despair. But there are many ways to open your eyes, especially through appropriate education and science. The behavior of the "ostrich in the sand" itself explains. People like to think that the problem does not exist, or forget about it, believing that she or someone else will dare find a way.

There is quite the opposite direction of the group adversely various conspiracy theorists who believe in the aggressive intentions of the UFO, fully focused on the chaos and repression. Their goal — to find and neutralize all foreign enemies, thus establishing justice. The main means of propaganda — publications, lectures, etc. His main strategy on the material and on the physical level, these groups shall elect a direct confrontation with the enemy. Enemy can be defeated only by external means. Despite all this, in the work of such groups should be used to note the high level of knowledge and technology to create conflict and chaos in the world. But they can subdue the elite of society for their personal interests and plans.

The approach described above represents only one part of the concept of "conflict" — negative, which contains the energy of the criminal. At the other extreme are the victims of conflict, constantly shouting, why God can not destroy all the evil and criminals. This group of people are often accused of adherence to the theory of "end of the world" and the spread of insecurity.

So, one more extreme problems in the perception of chaos — is a complete focus on the peaceful and harmonious existence. By conviction movement "New Era" to rise above the ignorance and disharmony will weaken any negatives with the regeneration of light and goodness in the world. This tactic makes sense, but only in the right context. Typically, there is a world based on fear of a negative, that instantly reduces its ability to succeed and will only work if there are no more constructive ways of dealing with the causes of chaos and protection from it. All sorts of groups practicing channeling and believe in extraterrestrial life, believe that people should only meditate in order to achieve harmony, light and love, and then the forces of evil will be defeated. In combat you should forget about the real world and live a promiscuous notions of another dimension. Completely succumbing such conviction, you can become a victim of manipulation and even enslavement by evil. Most adherents of the movement, "New Era" still understands the impossibility of complete separation from the negative pole, and try to keep a confrontation between good and evil.

When focus solely on the positive aspects of existence is ignored ambivalence conflict, understanding the availability of the second pole is suppressed. All that is avoided under the guise of disgust or fear, does not meet with opposition and only gaining momentum. Therefore, the described approach, reinforcing the positive pole, while fueling negative. The more each of the poles, the greater the polarity of the voltage and the distance between the poles.

The ideal way would be for humanity to achieve a balance between the last two points. It should take into account both the pole and know their enemies in the face. This middle way is the only to achieve the desired unity and harmony for the further evolution and natural growth on the planet. Require knowledge and understanding of how the two poles of the conflict that they are interdependent. After all, what would be the pole we choose, our consciousness of duality and has both negative and positive part as a victim and the offender. It is important to connect and transform both sides, light and dark, and create a perfect state of unity of opposites.

The proposed solutions can serve as a model for self-development and the way to solve problems on the planet.

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