FRANCE already transmitted RUSSIAN TECHNOLOGIES «Mistral»


France sends RF technology shipbuilding type «Mistral» faster pace, told reporters in Moscow on Thursday, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.
So Makar, he denied reports of some media executives and professionals who have stated that the French will give leading RF technology exclusively in the case of a contract for the construction of the third and fourth ships in Russia.
«The French give us a faster pace for the production of new technologies for the first 2-hoo» Mistral «, and already for the third and fourth» — said Serdyukov.
«If they did not give these leading technologies, then perhaps the United Shipbuilding Company (USC) have been raised about this big noise» — the minister added.
Serdyukov said the other day that the funds for the construction of the third and fourth «Mistral» laid in Russia in 2020 state defense order. Since 2013, these funds can be used for the construction of the third and fourth corps in Russia.
First two universal class helicopter «Mistral» for the Russian Navy will be built in France, the respective contract for 1.2 billion euros sides signed in June this year. It is planned that the first ship will be delivered in 2014, the second — in 2015. French state-owned military shipbuilding DCNS previously said that she received an advance, and began construction of the first helicopter carrier «Mistral» for Russia.
In summer 2011, Serdyukov reported that pre-contract agreement for the construction of training the second pair «Mistral» completed in the first quarter of 2012. It is expected that the body of the third and fourth «Mistral» will be built in Russia.
Russian shipbuilding companies are already involved in the construction of «Mistral». Thus, on 1 August this year at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg began cutting metal, the first operation in the construction of the lead ship of a pair of Russian «Mistral» — «Vladivostok». In May of 2013 is expected to start cutting for the second helicopter, which received the name of «Sevastopol».

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