Free cash for bachelors U.S.

Unemployment makes the job search difficult thing for everyone. But young people have especially hard. For example, in order to become a cashier at some restaurants McDonald's, American launched the careers may need a bachelor's degree!

The administration of a restaurant in the town of Uinchedon that in Massachusetts, published a list of job vacancies with highly unusual for the requirements of the institution. If previously for the cashier was quite unfinished secondary education (special skills and knowledge to this position did not require), now the rush of wanting to be behind the bar so high that the statements apply only recommend candidates with a college degree plus 2 years … experience in a comparable position.

However, the restaurant managers emphasize that this is — just the first step on the road to a good and respected the work that will not be ashamed to indicate on their resume: we distinguished employees have the chance to become manager of primary and middle managers with "attractive" starting salaries in the amount of $ 10 per hour.

Local youth welfare organizations complain about the draconian conditions of employment for those who are just starting their careers, but recognize that it's not that McDonald's takes excessive fastidiousness, but simply in the fact that competition in the labor market is extremely high. Indeed, the unemployment rate among graduates of secondary schools and universities in the United States reached 11.5%.

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