French Enlightenment in Russian wilderness


French journalist Sylvain Tesson traveled so much that it has become for him "Disease". In search "Medicine" he went to a remote corner of Russia, Lake Baikal, where he lived for six months. Here he drove purposefully, seeking to ensure that "Feel the life and understand what will happen if you just contemplate the beautiful surroundings, and not go all the endless roads". About his experience publicist told the newspaper The Guardian.

Lake Baikal in winter he arrived two years ago and settled in a small log cabin overlooking the lake and coniferous taiga. Getting ready for a long life in seclusion, Tesson took with him not only the necessary equipment, but also, of course, books. "Take a book — it would be like to take someone with you. For the first time in my life I had the opportunity to read through the whole book, from beginning to end, without stopping. Sometimes I read for eight hours without a break ".
The daily routine at Tessona was like that. In the morning, he was loading up your mind: "Reading, writing, smoking, and taught poetry, looking out the window." And in the afternoon doing physical work: "Seething ice fished, skied on his little kingdom, chopping wood".
Life in the house, he said, could plunge people into depression: "Because no one vidishsya and risk to live life in bed, getting drunk with vodka, and no you will not say a word. Therefore, it is important to fill your time actions, as did the monks or Robinson Crusoe. He dressed up for dinner every night, even though he lived alone ".
Every day was like the previous one, but in this writer sees the positive. He writes that happiness can be attained, even if you know what will happen tomorrow. "It is a quiet peaceful life, but it enriches ".
Lake Baikal Tesson met with Siberian fishermen Sasha and Yura. "Typical Russian: very strong, big. Speak loudly, drink a lot. Very generous people with an endless supply of power. They have not lost touch with nature. In the city they looked like elephants ". Heat is speaking about his new friends, Tesson notes that because of their way of life they long stay young and healthy. Such people are not exchange his life to the city, because "In the city, they will lose their freedom".
Tesson remembered the Czech writer Milan Kundera. Once upon a time, says publicist, he suggested that the Russian still tend irrational, magical thinking, because Russia is, in fact, passed the Renaissance. "They are not words of vanity, and speak only wise thing. This is not the talkers like me " — French explorer wrote of his Russian friends.
Tesson loved their reticence and contrasted it with a bustling Paris, where he had to pick up nervously numerous empty words to unfamiliar people. In general, he says, the only way to be free — to be alone, "Bondage begins with presence in your life of another person ".
Freedom from civilization, concludes Tesson, not only enriches the person, but also impoverishes the state. And because the way it should be the goal of any opposition.

"In the distant lands of Lake Baikal Moscow has no power over man. Urban liberals, leftists, revolutionaries, members of the middle class — all pay taxes, buy bread and gasoline. But the hermit asks nothing from the state, and nothing he does not. He goes into the woods and thrives there. His escape — a loss to the state. A loss to the state — is the goal of any true revolutionary. "

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