From the banks of the swollen Mississippi River to evacuate people

June 5, 2013. In the Mississippi River due to continuing rains the water level started to rise sharply. This has caused a dam break in the U.S. state of Missouri and forced the few villages in 29 km north of the city of St. Louis to resort to evacuate 43 homes.

At the same time, the second dam, located 14 km upstream from the town of West Alton near a nuclear power plant, to send experts to check the integrity of the structure. Delete the next breakthrough is necessary, because it can have very serious consequences for both the 1,000-megawatt plant and the neighboring villages.

The first breakthrough came in the middle of the day near the site of the confluence of the Missouri River to the Mississippi, part of a dam broke at a height of 30-45 meters. In addition to the evacuation of close to St. Louis, it was decided to evacuate about 500 people from the West Alton in the event of a second breakthrough. In the meantime, the remaining residents of Missouri in safety on their own trying to resist the coming water, establish barriers of sandbags around houses and dams.

In the meantime, the water in the Missouri River is held at 2.7 m above the level of the shore, and Mississippi was higher by more than 3 m, although only a few months ago, the water level in it was critically low, and seriously discussed the closure of freight barges on the river . Now the problem is turned upside down — again barges may prohibit the movement, but now because of dangerously high water levels.



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