FSB officers in Ekaterinburg and exempts Aldana received new apartments

More than four hundred families in Yekaterinburg on the eve received housing. Keys from new apartments was presented with FSB. "First of all received shelter those who have passed a certain length of service. Secondly, young families — warrant officers, who arrived for the further performance of duty, "- said the border of the FSB Russia's Chelyabinsk region Radik Sagitov. 

 Two houses built under the federal program to provide housing for military personnel, namely the FSB of Russia, who are serving in Yekaterinburg or come here from other cities. This is the first such project in the Sverdlovsk region. And in the quarter for the military created a completely ready infrastructure, including kindergarten and playgrounds. Check the quality of houses personally came the governor of Sverdlovsk region. "The fact that the apartment is rented with a fine finish, it allows you to call in and live — it's a big deal. No need to spend extra effort to repair. While the quality no complaints, "- said the governor of the Sverdlovsk region Yevgeny Kuyvashev.

The mayor Stanislav Belogorska Milukov handed orphans and children left without parental care, keys to new apartments, allocated in a building that was renovated as part of a special regional program.
The house is located in one of the fastest growing areas Belogorska, located near the park and stadium. The area of each apartment, dedicated to orphans — 32 square meters, they installed new plumbing and electric stoves. The acquisition of social housing from the regional budget has been allocated more than 22 million rubles.
— This is a good Christmas gift — the governor said Oleg Amur Kozhemyako during delivery at home. — This is the happiness that should be protected, because it allows you to create a family, to improve skills in the workplace. The good news is that out of the 20 newcomers, today received the keys to the apartment, nine already have children, even at a two expected addition to the family, another girl gets married.
According to one of the new settlers, Svetlana Alekhine, today fulfilled her ultimate dream — she found their own housing.
— For any person that is the most precious thing in life, apart from happiness to have parents — says Svetlana. — Thank you all for being given this gift, and along with it — confidence in the future.
As the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Boris treasure, in 2012, was supposed to provide housing for 225 orphans and children left without parental care, but at the end of the year will receive a new apartment about 300 people. In just the last two years, a house in the Amur region received about 700 orphans.

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