Ghosts — a reflection of a persons thoughts


Nightmares, what is it? From the point of view of conventional medicine, everything is very simple. This is either the result of drinking too warm friendly or consequence clear violation of the human psyche. But, unfortunately, it's not so much a response as an acknowledgment of their complete incompetence.

Try to understand: Whose are the ghosts in the house and scare people, not always, but sometimes do manage to accurately set: who saw a man in the twilight of the night.

Here, for example, what a story happened with the Moscow diggers who came down to the old cellar of the Institute of Emergency Care named NV Sklifosofskiy, which in the past has been a hospice home of Count. Under are here once preserved almshouse huge abandoned cellars, in which once snooping two intrepid explorers dungeons. They found a sealed door with a rusted lock, deftly opened it, and found themselves in a vast vaulted basement.

But it could not investigate. Before they took a few steps, they heard a rustling above. The Braves looked up and saw the fear is poked through the ceiling at first a hand, foot, and then, in the end, in the basement slowly "floated" the female silhouette. Diggers began to run out of the basement and came to life only in the hospital waiting room. However, there are even more afraid of: lying on a gurney body of the dead woman whose ghost they have just seen in the cave.

But in order to meet a ghost or phantom of a deceased person, it is not necessary to climb into the mysterious dark cellars.

Merkulov navigator Nicholas returned home from a long voyage, gathered his friends and relatives to celebrate its arrival. And everything was fine until someone suddenly decided to pay tribute to the host mother in law who died when he was swimming. She was a good woman, so all the guests drank together and sincerely wish that the earth was she rest in peace. I. .. suddenly there was silence in the room, in the dark doorway leading into the next room, there was a white translucent silhouette.

It was a ghost mother in law. Suddenly the room was illuminated with a bright flash. This is one of the guests decided to take a picture of an incredible appearance of the dead woman. Terrified guests hastily departed, and Nicholas rest of the night I could not sleep. He always thought that the ghost was still in the apartment, but became invisible.

In the morning there was a guest who had to pull the trigger the camera before the ghost disappeared. At home, he showed the film and was surprised by the negative figure of the transparent ghost of the dead.

What is fixed camera unabashed guest?

Here, for example, the modern Canadian neuroscientist Michael Persinger stated the following theory to explain, in his opinion, and the appearance of ghosts, and the ability to reflect on their film. Almost all of the visions, says physiologist, are due to electrical stimulation of certain parts of the human brain. The phenomena of ghosts escape from the body occur at the time of clinical death. They can be interpreted as the last "sigh" dying brain produced its latest electric pulses.

But it is possible that the ghosts have another origin. Pictures of ghosts appearing during some seances in the late XIX century, the researcher was interested in the incredible phenomena A. Aksakov. According to him, a very interesting observation, suggesting the origin of ghosts, was described in 1869 by well-known researcher of spiritualism Mac Heaven.

During one session, the experimenter, photographing its accompanying phenomena, was a picture of a ghost girl, emerged next to a psychic, who was in a lethargic state. When Mac-Neb showed him a picture of a ghost, the medium recognized him as the ancient pattern that many years ago, struck his fancy. It was a picture of a girl, which arose in a trance in the imagination of a medium that is somehow fixed the camera.

Aksakova assumption that ghosts are a reflection of thoughts a person in a trance, and that they are able to materialize into an object, which can capture the image of the photograph confirms studies.

In the mid 70-ies of XX century psychiatrist Gennady Krokhalev with the camera began to capture the vision of patients suffering from mental disorders. As a "device" for such experiments, he used a mask for diving, joined by a camera. Approximately half of the subjects in the photograph appeared fairly clear image of hallucinatory images of patients.

Similar experiments are conducted completely independently and American psychologist Julius Eykzenbud. Directing the camera lens "Polaroid" on the man's eyes, possess psychic abilities, the researchers suggest him to think about a particular subject. In most cases, the photo has a clear image of the object or person.

Unlike Krokhaleva during the experiments Eykzenbudu managed to make a very interesting discovery — the image on the film often appear in cases where the camera was not aimed at pupils of man. And one more observation Eykzenbuda, which will help to understand the phenomenon of ghosts. Psychic impact on the film, which manifests itself in the clarity of the image, had more when he was in a state of mild intoxication.

This seemingly strange effect of alcohol on a person's ability to work on the film can be understood. Many psychic property rights, for example, proscopia — foreknowledge of the future, show up when he is in a state of trance. Therefore, the famous Greek temples, famous for its soothsayers, often located in the mountains near the crevices of which rose to the surface of the deep gas, it turns intoxicating effect on the priests.

Emerging as a result of the impact of psychic ghosts, reflecting a sensitive photographic film, or directly perceived by some people, ufologists call "thought forms" or "mental images". As a result of numerous observations, they concluded that the thought-forms — is not just a three-dimensional image, they are saturated with certain information, emotions, and endowed with its own, regardless of the breed of human being. For example, they can be implemented in the vicinity of people and have an impact on them.

And that's what he thinks about the relationship of people and they generate mental images known parapsychologist Lyudmila Baranova: "… studies have shown that film can capture our mental images. These experiments prove that the human mind, either directly or indirectly — through any physical processes can materialize so that its capture devices, and sometimes people's eyes. Assuming that all this is so, then many phenomena are reasonable explanation. example, numerous stories of ghosts, goblins and other evil spirits. Indeed, it can be "materialized vision" born nightmares or inflamed the imagination of man. "

So, the thought-forms or mental images exist not only in the fevered brains of alcoholics, flowing into a state of near trance. Once it has arisen under the influence of a strong human experience, they continue for some time to exist independently as energy essence. The duration of this depends on the existence of energy supply, they receive.

This makeup is the most intensively in various anomalous zones of land in which the discharge of its energy.

From this point of view can be attributed, for example, the numerous phenomena that take place in the famous Perm triangle. Huge, two meters, being visible by some researchers in the twilight, the discomfort experienced by them, as if from a malevolent gaze, vague silhouettes, captured on camera traps — all this is not evidence for the presence in the Perm triangle snowman and thought-forms created by by the participants of expeditions and impact energy of the core.

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