Giovanna could return

Giovanna could return Natural Disasters

Tropical Cyclone Giovanna, raged on about. Madagascar and Mozambique Channel, has caused landslides in Moramange. Due to heavy rains in the river Imamba not stand two dams, including drowning adult and one child is eighteen months. The cyclone killed 65 people, 11 thousand homeless. Reported massive flooding of rice fields and small villages.

Northern suburb of Antananarivo is cut off from the city center. For many people, the only way out of the water were coming roofs of their homes. Schools and offices are closed, the streets turned into canals.

The greatest damage caused TC Giovanna Brickaville, Maanoro, Moramange and some parts of the capital of Madagascar. In Vatomandri with a population of about 40 thousand people are almost no buildings, survivors of the storm.

Flooded streets Sabotsi Nameana.

However, the weather forecast, Giovanna could easily go back to Madagascar. Efforts over the Mozambique Channel, the cyclone changed direction and turned to the south-west coast of the island. According to the latest data received from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, a tropical cyclone is located 800 km south-south-west of Antananarivo and moving in a south-westerly direction at a speed of 10 km / h Possible coastal waves up to 4.5 meters.

Track TC Giovanna.

Giovanna updated track.

Satellite image of the cyclone.

Expressed the opposite view that the strength of the cyclone will completely disappear as they approach the shore. This behavior can be explained by the influence of Giovanna new cyclone that develops in the Antarctic, said meteorologists.

In addition, the Earth's atmosphere formed several cyclones. One is a TC 13S in 1188 km south-east of Fr. Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. This is followed by a low-pressure center 01W (one) in 756 km east of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and the system is moving west at a speed of 30.6 km / h Over Antarctica has seen two cyclones, such a system is moving toward the Kamchatka Peninsula.

New vortex over the coast of Antarctica.

Another vortex above the Antarctic coast.

Third air vortex over Antarctica.

Vortex of clouds near Kamchatka.

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