Gogol Internet hamsters: You still do not like the Russian …

Nikolai Gogol

How to love … the brothers, how to love people? The soul wants to love one fine, and the poor people are so perfect and so wonderful to have a little! How do you make it? Thank God above all for what you are Russian. Russian is now open for this path, and this path is the very Russian. If only he will love Russian Russian, will love and all that they have in Russia. This now leads us to love God himself. Without disease and suffering in so many piled up inside her, and whom we blame ourselves, would not feel any of us to her compassion. And compassion is already the beginning of love. Already the cries of the depredations and the iniquities bribes — not just a noble indignation dishonest, but the cry of all the earth, they heard that outlandish enemies invade countless, scattered to their homes, and laid a heavy yoke on each person, are also those who have taken voluntarily to themselves at home in these terrible enemies soul, want to rid of them yourself, and do not know how to do it, and all blend into one terrific shriek already moved his unfeeling. But love is not a direct hear anybody — it's not as you do.

You may not like Russia: only you know how to grieve so annoyed by rumors about everything bad that it is done, to have all this produces only one disappointment so stale gloom. No, that's not love, to love you the way, it's really only one thing is still too distant presage her. No, if you really love Russia, then you will be gone by itself is the short-sighted idea that originated now many honest and even very smart people, that is, if in the present time they have nothing to do for Russia, and if they have it do not need quite the contrary, if only in full force you feel that love is all-powerful, and that it is possible to do everything. No, if you really love Russia, you will be torn to serve it, not for governor, but captains go, — the last place which will be found in it, take it, preferring a single grain of it all your current, inactive and idle life.

No, you do not like Russia. And not to love Russia, you do not love their brothers and not to love their brethren, you did not catch fire with love for God, and not vozgorevshis love of God, does not escape you.

(From a letter to c., AP T mu …..) 1844

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