Great Plains of North America buried in snow

October 5, 2013. In the north-central U.S. states of the U.S. fresh snow was updated the next snowstorm. Wyoming and western South Dakota no longer rely on the fact that the snow has melted, as its depth increased by almost 30 meters on Human Settlements, the Great Plains states of Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota tornado swept through a real snow.

Fortunately, after a tornado in the security services were no reports of deaths, but the destruction of the plains are still present. In Wayne, Nebraska, a tornado destroyed four houses and kill some administrative buildings, a dozen people were hospitalized. Iowans were more fortunate, as the snow tornado worked his way through the field and not hit populated areas. This is good news, because here the snow funnels were "armed" large hailstones.

In South Dakota, did not take place because of snowstorms Oktoberfest. All decorations and participants were ready for the celebrations, as no one expected that the winter will come in the first week of October. If this had happened two weeks later, no one would have been surprised, but now even had to restrict the movement of one of the largest state trails, snow-covered. A similar situation in the east of Wyoming, where fallen to 250 mm of snow. The local old-timers do not cease to surprise early arrival of winter in the state, and the owners of a number of companies are forced to close their shops because the workers are not able to get to them in this weather. In some places the work is worth, because after the wire break off electricity.

While the snow over the Great Plains does not subside, and meteorologists believe that the remains of a snow storm in a few days can face a storm Karen, who is about to get to the southern U.S. states. If this happens, the weather conditions in the center of the country will be very reminiscent of the events of last fall during Hurricane Sandy. By the strong snowfall should prepare Oklahoma, Wisconsin and even Colorado.


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