Green Energy failed

solar energy

U.S. Government initiatives, as we know, rarely result in something other than embezzlement. Was no exception and the initiative on forced transfer of American power to "green" track. Each created under this program workplace cost taxpayers many millions of dollars.

According to the Institute for Energy Research, U.S. Department of Energy has spent more than $ 26 billion for various programs to increase the use of renewable energy sources, energy savings, etc. etc.

In addition, tax breaks, "green" companies and the introduction of "energy licenses" for all other companies have cost American businesses (and thus consumers) another $ 13.5 billion.

And that's not all the costs of new energy. The U.S. Treasury, through a variety of grants to companies engaged in the development of miracle-projects, spent another $ 6 billion.

The results of all these efforts were abysmal. Only 3.6% of all consumed in the United States of electricity produced from renewable energy sources. As a result of initiatives have been created only 2,300 new permanent jobs. For comparison, a simple investment of a huge amount of money in the private sector would create at least 300,000 new jobs!

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