Hayvenmeny — dark forces of roads


About the ghosts, who are the travelers on the road, walking a lot of legends. In England they are called hayveymenami or traffic in human beings. Stories about hayveymenov could be taken as pure fiction, though not a huge amount of evidence: such a meeting — not a rarity …

They say that on the road the French province of Brittany is possible to meet a phantom … death!
Anka — a name he was given the locals — it looks like a tall, very gaunt man with long white hair, dressed in all black. On his head wide-brimmed hat, which are usually farmers of Brittany, on the shoulder — Spit. In place of the eyes in the ghost — empty sockets. Generally, it is seen walking beside the cart, pulled by horse skeletons.



It is said that in the old days, when he heard the bells on the street, people were hiding, closed the windows and doors of the houses … If you ever meet someone from Anka on a deserted road after sunset, unknown power of the human face pressed to the ground. This meant that no later than two years after he died. Those who have encountered the ghost late at night, and did die within a month.

About that, where did Anka, saying different things. Someone claimed it himself biblical Cain, who killed his brother Abel, and now the hunt for new victims. Someone — it was a ghost man who died in the area last and look for a company for the afterlife.

Strangers in raincoats

Legend has it that hayveymenami are most often the people who died a violent death.
So, at the end of the 80-ies of the last century, a girl named Vinti Epril his car was traveling at a Christmas party in Sheffield. When the screw Todvik reached the town, near a small roadside hotel "Red Lion" blocked the path of the car suddenly dark silhouette. It was a man riding a black horse, wearing a long coat and a hat-cocked. Rider rushed towards the car and suddenly … disappeared in front of the astonished women.

In another English village, Thorpe Salvini, hayveymeny hundreds of years running scared passing motorists. On Pacman Lane, one of the oldest trade routes in Britain, not appearances phantom man in a black cloak. In 1991, a group of friends who have seen the ghost on the highway, decided to experiment: they are no less than five times unwrapped the car and came back, but a blurred silhouette of a raincoat was still in the same place. It is rumored that during the life of this man was a postal stagecoach robber, and now dispensable soul sought to where he had to do his own criminal fishery.

On the outskirts of the Yorkshire village of Beverly Beck few young people have encountered one evening at a stream with a long-haired ghost rider in a black cloak. Without paying any attention to the counter, he's right on the water across the creek and into the night. Sometime in the past, through the creek was, nowadays there are two bridges. Perhaps, the rider simply crossed the usual way …

Dead children to move

Here's a very touching story about hayveymenah. In Texas, near San Antonio, somewhere in the 1930-1940's, when confronted at a level crossing with a train crashed school bus. Ten students and the driver were killed.

Now, crossing the rails at the spot where the tragedy occurred, the drivers sometimes feel like an invisible hand push their cars back, as if to prevent a possible accident. If the car engine stalls on the tracks, she slowly begins to roll until it reaches a safe place. In all of this could make "Ghostbusters", arrived in San Antonio to set the record straight.
Among motorists are rumors that if this move sprinkle hood of the car some light powder — powder or talcum powder — it still prints of children's pens …

Lady in white

One of the plots of popular American TV series "Supernatural" is devoted to "women in white" — a ghost who appears frequently on the roads of Europe and America. There are several versions of the story about a ghostly stranger. One of them — about a young man returning home late at night from a party. On the way, he said on the sidelines of the girl in a long white dress and stopped to give her a lift. Noticing that the stranger is shaking from the cold, the guy threw it on the shoulders of his jacket. On reaching home the girl, the driver opened the door to help her out, and then realized that his traveling companion was gone. In the end, our hero decided that she just ran into the house.

The next day the young man remembered that new friend has forgotten to return his jacket. He went to her home but found only the girl's mother, who told me that her daughter ten years ago was killed in a car crash. When he saw that the guy does not believe her, she took him to the grave of his daughter. On the headstone lay his jacket …

And do "women in white" real prototypes?

In the 60's of last century, some Rua Maria and her fiance were traveling in a car to the girl's parents: they took the time to inform relatives about their engagement. Along the way, Mary went to sleep, and the young man lost control. The accident occurred, and both were killed.

A few years later on the same road a guy who was traveling in his car, he saw on the side of the girl in a white dress. He stopped and offered her a ride. The girl sat silently in the back seat. At some point, turning, the driver found that there is no one behind … Deciding that a passenger somehow fell out of the car and now lies wounded on the road, he went for help to the police station. Together with the duty officer they searched all around, but no girls on the road was not there. And then both noticed that the car door repeatedly opened and closed by itself …

Sometimes, the ghosts are the cause of road accidents. For example, in the mid-1970s on a steep mountain road near the U.S. city of Klamath Falls was a young girl hit by a car.

Now, from time to time her ghost voting on the road. If one of the drivers stopped phantom lures him away and lures into the abyss … Sometimes a ghost suddenly appears in front of the car, and one wag sharply to the side, falling into the abyss, or cut into the rock …

Insidious ghost girl in white and lives near the German town of Deggendorf, in the place where the railway passes through a tunnel. Late in the evening, he lures the tunnel bystanders, and they fall under a train hurtling at high speed …

The driver and the Witch

And with our compatriot, Yuri S. Krasnoyarsk in history happened in 1993, outshining all the horror stories about foreign hayveymenah.

Around midnight, Yuri was driving on the way to his "KamAZ". Suddenly, right in front of the machine grew out of the ground as a figure. Frightened to death, Yuri pulled up and saw a woman standing near the hood of his car. She opened the cab door and asked to take her to the cemetery. The driver was about to give up, but at that moment as if passed out and could not think. When he awoke, he found that the stranger is already sitting next to him. On her forehead was a fresh wound from which blood was dripping. He was not surprised, as if it were a matter of course.

Yuri drove like a dream, not looking at the road. Finally, she stopped herself. The woman said, "Help me!" After it came to the body of the driver and the truck pulled out … empty coffin. Tipper stood in front of the cemetery. The sinister stranger led to Yuri dug grave, lay down in a coffin, and the driver is mechanically pushed him into the pit. In this case, the woman's body fell, leaning against the wall of the tomb. Yuri threw the lid of the coffin, then took a shovel and was lying next to a pit started throwing earth. Only when the work was finished, the driver of "KAMAZ" came to himself. It was late at night in the cemetery in front of the grave of a little sprinkled all alone. Yuri was terrified, and he ran with all haste to flee to his dump truck.

After some time, the driver came to the cemetery together with his friends, who told of his terrible adventure, and saw instead poluzakopannoy grave monument with a photo of some of Tamara K., buried here a few years ago. The photograph was the woman that picked up a Jury …


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