Held the first session of spacecraft Spektr-R to a station in Pushchino

 Photo source:imagepost.ru

August 13 in accordance with the mission successfully held a session between the space radio telescope (CMT) "Spektr-R" and a ground tracking station in Pushchino. To ensure this task was carried out and the re-orientation of the satellite pointing high gain antenna on the highly informative radio tracking station.
During the session, ground equipment in Pushchino successfully received test signal from the spacecraft "Spektr-R".

Also, the present space telescope refocused in the optimal position relative to the sun, and began regular monitoring of the solar plasma. Observations are made using complex "Plasma-F", which records the parameters of the solar wind, the Earth's magnetic field and solar radiation.

Working with the device scientists point out that at this time all of the machine work normally.

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