High speed doors from TSK ASK

The company "TSA ASK" engaged in the installation of storage equipment and all types of automatic gates, announces a new offer. The company's customers now available plant production speed doors Hormann and "Alutex." These are the leading manufacturers in this sector of the market. 
The company "TSA ASK" since 2000. For more than ten years, the company has been recognized Russian consumers, as in the installation of warehouse equipment is a distributor of renowned manufacturers, has its own service center, enters into contracts for warranty and post-warranty service structures.
Among the key activities of the company can allocate sales and installation of automatic gates for all levels, the sale of pipe-bending equipment, wooden construction, telecommunication services.
The company's customers have long noted the high professionalism of performers and an ever-expanding range of services. So among other things, the company now offers high-speed door assembly on the basis of components known in the Russian manufacturers Hormann and "Alutex." Advantages of this type of structures already rated dozens of clients: reducing heat loss, lack of moisture in the room, the optimization of business processes in warehouses.
"Customers can expect not only flawless execution of services, but also professional advice when choosing a high-speed doors or other structures. The main condition for the smooth operation of automatic gates is the reliability of the manufacturer. We offer products of well established companies in the Russian market Hormann and "Alutex" — says CEO
Get information on the types of available high-speed doors and the timing of their installation by visiting the company's website.
Information about the company
"TSA ASK" — a wide range of services in the installation of automatic structures (gates, barriers, turnstiles, levelers etc.), services in the field of timber construction, telecommunication services. Official dealer Hormann and "Alutex." More information about the company can be found on its official website http://www.docks.ru/

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