Home satanic project or to the sort of Europe we are drawn pro-Western opposition?

If retrospective look at the history of European civilization, it is impossible not to notice her deep internal contradictions. Achievements of the human spirit in the form of a deep medieval eschatology, which paved the bridge between philosophy and art of ancient Greece and Rome, and the philosophy of the New Age, which lay at the base of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, and later — and classical philosophy, which has led to the development of the "spirit of capitalism" as well as advances in art, literature, science and technology — can not be questioned, and now constitute one of the components of the spiritual heritage of all mankind. This part of the history of Europe, we know quite well, because is its facade.

But there is another side of Europe. The one that carried the death of the conquered peoples, from India, China and Africa to Latin America and North America. Without going into details (which are beautifully laid out here and here), You can tell that deep inside, not on the level of cultural and historical facade, the history of Europe is the only dissent destruction, the destruction of indigenous peoples (in this respect the integrity of the history of Europe, it does not matter who did it — the Portuguese and Spanish in Latin America or the French and the British in the North), imposing their cultural standards. In this respect, Europe has never been a humane and dialogic — its relations with other civilizations is built solely on the basis of their total destruction and assimilation. In this sense, its colonial history is radically different from the colonial history of the Russian Empire, which did not destroy the people in the territories that were part of it, and incorporates them as a component part of, and receive all the new elites of the old law. That in the colonial history of the West is not observed even at a minimal level. But it is, for reference.

I'm on the other.

That's how our perception of Europe that it is perceived by us as a kind of beacon that pointed the way to many nations of the world in the darkness of history, progress and true religion. Although, as I said, the reverse side of European civilization shows that it is not so — the same fascism was only her offspring — the other world civilizations did not give birth to a monster.

Today, Europe is trying to create an image of one of the most developed, democratic and freedom-loving parts of the world where everyone can find their realization. It is in this world we are drawn Belarusian (and Russian, and Ukrainian), the pro-Western opposition, trying to impose on us some historical complexes, from the Kievan Rus' and the adoption of Orthodoxy.

However, whether that form of Europe today, the image that she is trying to create? An analysis of what is happening shows that this is not so.

First, Europe is deeply immoral and anti-Christian. This is evidenced, in particular, the legalization of sodomy. Can not the Christian religious (I'm talking about the level of even strict adherence to religious norms of society, but of the spirit that pervades this society) exist at the same time society and religious spirit, and sodomy. There can only be one thing or the other. Religious, a Christian man is never an example of sodomy, as it is contrary to Christian teaching. However, when even the clergy are allowed to be sodomites, then what kind of Christianity in Europe, we can talk? Sodomy has always been considered a sin in Christianity. Society, which normally takes sodomy, ceases to be a Christian, and in this respect, Europe has always been a Christian (in his Catholic or Protestant version) loses one of its properties Europeanness. 'Europe' in Europe is getting smaller. 

Accordingly, this civilization has become less European than it was before, and goes to the lower level of development in the pre-Christian period of development in the paganism of ancient Greece and Rome, where sodomy was a fairly common, if not universal phenomenon. Is this a public and social progress? There is also no, because it entails, and other processes that degrade the moral fabric of harmoniously arranged by the society in which there is the concept of good and evil, respectively, virtue and sin.

Europe is trying to get away from sin. But destroying sin, Europe and destroys the concept of goodness and virtue. If everything is allowed, there can not be a top and a bottom, good and evil, heaven and hell. But Europe does not stop there.

Sodomites allowed to adopt children. But they were someone has to conceive and give birth. So, someone these children must be taken away to "our" perverts do not feel damned perverts and sodomites, that will burn in hell. It (the selection of the parents of children from families under any pretext) must somehow translate into a form of social practice. And this "problem" is solved successfully — created juvenile justice as a new kind of business, the essence of which is the selection of children from their parents for their transfer, including, and sodomites.

More — more. It starts with the destruction of the very notions of parents, father and mother, son and daughter. Generated by a monster from the depths of the unconscious of the European public — it.

Stood out at this decay of the nucleus of European civilization? The destruction of those signs in Europe, which allowed to call it so — European civilization? No, he continued with increasing speed.

Just the other day in Holland legalized pedophilia. Before this U.S. legalized bestiality. Where to next? Who, after all this cheek to talk about Europe as a torch of world culture? How about a humane civilization? Where are the ideals of Christianity, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and modern times, liberty, equality and fraternity, which was built by the European historical and civilizational identity? All of this is destroyed.

Spiritually and civilization of Europe is not, she's dead. She was left only geographically on maps and a monstrous European Union, where the attack started another one of the fundamental principles of Western society — private property. After the expropriation of deposits in Cyprus, on the notion of the inviolability of private property can put a cross. This is indicated by the latest standards in the banking laws of Canada and France.

How can I now live in Europe when your children for the slightest offense (of course, according to the juvenile justice system) can take away from the family and pay for the education of sodomites, pedophiles or bestiality? How can you live in Europe, when your deposit with a bank can just pick up, accusing you, ordinary depositors their money earned in that supposedly you, not bank managers and owners of banks to blame for the banking crisis?

It would seem that everything is on there is no place to fall. However, it appeared to have.

Latest news again came from France. In this country, which has always been considered one of the pillars of European civilization, it is enough to recall the works of great artists, writers, poets, philosophers of the last four centuries, beginning with Descartes, Rousseau and Voltaire and ending Deleuze, Foucault and Derrida, the next phase of Europe and dehumanization of loss it those properties which allow it to consider the European civilization — on the pretext of lack of religious services and the funding of the historical monuments in France began destroy church.

Now arrived. The ban on celebrating Christmas and other Christian holidays was only a prelude of light that begins to be carried out before our eyes. And it is not sodomy. Here we must look deeper. In fact, it is about Satanism, which begins to destroy the very thin layer of culture and civilization of modern Europe, which is based on Christianity and all the consequent religion, philosophy and culture. It is not just and individually — sodomy, pedophilia, dehumanization of culture, philosophy, science, education, etc., all the things that can be described as anti-Christianity. No. This is the satanism in the open and explicit.

Demolition of the church — is a signal. And it is not just a signal. But alarm bells are invited to a coven of witches from all over the world.

It is in this anti-Christian, Satanic sodomitskuyu and Europe, which has lost its last connecting with the good side of her stories yarn, we continue with perseverance worthy of a better call the pro-Western opposition. So in fact there is no longer Europe, it died!

All there is — the territory where the characters are still her ancient, Christian, Revival, etc. character. But they are dead. They are deprived of their content. It's already dead form. Descended demolition of the church — it's a trial balloon. Though that there is already trying — evromassa swallows everything she lowered. There is no doubt that will gradually be swept away entire mloy Christian culture in Europe and destroyed all the landmarks that talking and talking about her Christian and humanistic character. Will destroy all the works of art created by the genius of da Vinci, Rubens, Dali, etc. etc. Will be destroyed all the books as writers poets and philosophers. All that we know under the name of European civilization — religion, philosophy, culture — will be swept away and destroyed.

Goes Satanism. With new blood rituals and secret initiations. With the new religiosity and the new "standards" of the "philosophy", "culture" and "education." And all of this is unfolding today is in full swing in Europe. It was at this celebration of death we are called our home-grown pro-Western policies. As they say, idiocy rolls over, but the patient was not watching.

Death of Europe in its current form, marks the end of two thousand years of Christian civilization in Europe and collapse of Western civilization project as a whole. If we were still called the feast of birth of something new spiritual and humanistic light — something else you might think. But when we are called to the wake and at the same time for the birth of the beast — the proposal is clearly not worth taking. And as the beast a little blood will not be satisfied, and sooner or later (as before, by the way) decided to extend its authority and to the northern lands (I emphasize — North, we do not Oriental, East — far from us — this is China, India, etc. .), then we must keep our powder dry. And even better, to prevent the spread of fire to our lands, as it was in the twentieth century, to crush the vermin in the bud. Maybe we will be able to save our brothers in the faith and purify their souls from evil. Although hopes for it, to be honest, a little.


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