Homeless Poles have to hide under the ground

Homeless Poles has to hide underground Facts

In winter 2010/11 from the cold in Poland, killed 212 people. This year, while the number of victims is 37. February 3 the temperature dropped to -35 degrees in the eastern part of the country, taking the lives of 8 homeless people. In most regions of Poland night temperature reaches 20 degrees Celsius. But 5 meters underground in a huge concreted area with water pipes are comfortable at 20 degrees.

Some homeless people recognized that they should live in the heating ducts, rather than in shelters because there are not allowed to drink alcohol. "We have everything you need. Everyone has a place to sleep, are common kitchen and bathroom area. Hot water we have more than enough. To get cold water, we just cooled in the bucket of hot. Although there is no electricity, you can iron from iron pipe is heated rapidly. We use the public toilets, in the supermarket, "- said one of the people living in the" dungeon ".

Others, living in abandoned buildings and empty houses in the winter, more sensitive to atmospheric conditions: low temperatures and alcohol often lead to death. With the onset of winter in Poland, died nearly 70 homeless people, more than 30 of them — for the last 2 weeks.

Monica Golebevska, police in Warsaw, said that despite the food provided in the shelters, most prefer to maintain their independence, as in the shelters can not drink beer, but they closed at 9 pm. For those who make their living collecting bottles and scrap metal, such a schedule is not suitable. However, in the severe cold life can be at the cost of such work.

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