How democratic journalists distort facts

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If you trace almost any publication relating sees 1959 'Dior'-and in Moscow — whether it's a blog post or article in the glossy press — this event is always served as a working visit to the Island of the Gods of Olympus Misfortune. The alignment of forces such — well appointed Josy, breathable perfume and mist VS shook his communal life, bloated Masha Uralmasha. Beautiful Josie always with a stylish handbag with silk lingerie and high heels at the new stockings. Masha — has shed gray dress made by hand, by Pattern, 1939, worn out shoe covers and an alcoholic husband. Masha prohibited satin sheets because she banned lovers. This is the point. No sex — why satin? And anyway — why sheets? Go to sleep on the bare floor, driving away evil spirits and bugs charmed broom.

Let us return to Dior, more to 'Dior'-y things that were not available a simple Soviet toiler who knows two kinds of soap — Economic and bath (if hard worker living prosperously and literally furious with fat!). In fragrantly-krepdeshinovoy France, where, in the opinion of other comrades, bottles of perfume is literally hanging from the plane trees in the elite fashion houses wore one. Especially in those years when the red diorite-Saint-Laurent dress flashed on a Red Square. Dressed in Balenciaga, Fatah, Givenchy, Dior, could only the richest and most proven … women. Not in the sense proven that ideologically righteous. They had to meet the concept of a home. This is now the designers themselves are looking for scandal to light the name next to his rebellious star. Then the fashion house kept the brand. All the same, Dior wrote that his client — a sophisticated lady and she alone has the right to. There is a legend, which, however, often passes for reality, but there is no documentary evidence of the fact, it is — just a bike …

So, there is the sweetest bike that Dior "has refused to reciprocity" young and promising beauty Brigitte Bardot only because he thought it vulgar and rustic. She did not fit into the style of his pans, so it will not sew her dress! For after it who wants to sew myself a suit-Taller or elegant chiffon dress from the Japanese? Neither fragrant lady no longer cross the threshold of the den! Was the thinking then all these whimsical fashion designer, so even if about Brigitte Bardot — just a bike, it still confirms this. In another house had a different policy — there please. This is me talking about? The fact that a simple French Josie as a simple Soviet Masha did not have the same access to dresses from 'Dior'-a. Only Josie could lick it all, walking past shop windows, or flipping through magazines every day. The result all the same — the same. Neither Josie nor Masha Dior not been on friendly terms. More precisely — he was with them.

Cindrom 'Dior-a in Moscow' — is the intentional mixing of genres, comparing their central display cases — with our provincial backwater, their princes — with our beggars. Models Dior issued not to GUM, and Bon Marche would cause exactly the same reaction from ordinary Parisians. Dresses home 'Dior' would immediately Josy exactly the same way as they battled Masha. If only because the fashion model — it's not just a woman, a professional beauty, whose mission lodge and beat, and in some cases — to immortalize dress (as it was able to do fashion model Dovima). Gorgeous woman in a luxury dress in the middle of ordinary city dwellers — is not that a shock? But no. Soviet pigmeyki were shocked things that Paris has every second. After one — in Dior. Because the rest of — Givenchy.


… Those who do not have time to have a decoction of Balenciaga. Very poor — those run by Chanel, she aunt democratic itself from the lower classes. And if a little earlier, that way in 1920? Why did the Soviet Union drove the crowd of Western specialists? From the great love of the Bolsheviks? Yes, they were all the same. They fled from hunger and cold, lack of demand. This is only for our current pro-Western liberals 1920s in the West — this is the era of jazz and fitsdzheraldovskih beauties, and the Soviet-twenties — gryazyuka, Shvonder and red scarf. Dear Liberals! If you even Erich Maria Remarque brutal enough — read at least "Tropic of Cancer" by Henry Miller. That's where the gutter. That's where the bugs, next to which zoschenkovskogo bedbugs — just inept repeaters exiled to Leningrad as incompetent.

France 1960

France 1960

Simply, it is very easy — to compare the cover of 'VOGUE' in 1928 with a photo of the Saratov communal same year. Shop 'Cartier' — with the provincial general store — well, not a single necklace! The wife of the financier theirs — with his wife of our tractor. And let's be more! We will be just as selective as the anti-Soviet — compare "Tropic of Cancer" with the floating city … George Krutikova or Saturn Victor Kalmikova? After the nausea caused by the chronicles of Henry Miller's dive into the sweet peace of the magazine "Modern Architecture" 1927-1929 period. Weak? What — neskladushki? That's it. This should be compared with like. Bugs — bedbugs. Ivan Leonidova — with Le Corbusier. Their workers — with our own. And very often the comparison is not in favor of there the. Speaking of Dior … At the end of the 1920s, when Christian was still young, hot and did not intend to create a ladies' trinkets, he was hanging out with architects and even made a trip to the Soviet Union. Why were driving? Learn new forms, lines, modern look at the architecture. It would seem — Corbusier at hand. And no — Rushed to Leningrad. But why? Because!

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