How much money do I need Briton to have enough for a living?

The British government continues the policy of austerity. In the framework in April limited the amount of benefits to which eligible low-income: up to 500 pounds (24 thousand) per week for a family and 350 pounds (about 17 thousand) for a person living alone.

Oatmeal for breakfast, lunch and dinner - a reality for some Britons

Oatmeal for breakfast, lunch and dinner — a reality for some Britons

The country turned around arguing about on how much can actually live person, or, for example, parents with children.

Question British site Bi-bi-si on the cost of living and ways to save has caused a lot of interesting responses. We publish some of them.

In January, I moved to London from [the city on the north-east of England] Darlington. Half of my income is now spent on rent — twice more than when I lived in the north. I pay all the bills, drive a car and on the rest of the money a couple of times a week I walk in the city with friends. The last week of the month — a "week of oatmeal." A pound of oatmeal costs 99 pence [48 rubles] and I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days — until the next paycheck. It sounds awful, but all my friends live about as well, and when payday comes, we can again come together and have a good time. When you have at the end of the month there is almost no money, you start to appreciate the opportunity to spend them when you have them. Rachel, London.

In February 2013 I got laid off. Before that, the last time I was unemployed 10 years ago, and now live on the dole The 71 pound [3,500 rubles] a week — it is impossible. I live in a two-bedroom apartment, which made a loan, with two sons — they too are on the dole. I have always paid all the bills, but it is quite impossible. There is no life. Week after week, you just do what you think about the bills and you do not expect anything good. I live for the day when going to work again, but I'm 52 years old, and I'm starting to think that time is not on my side. I'm thinking about how to enable the bank to withdraw my house for failure to pay the loan, and then the government will have to provide us with three apartments, which will be paid from the state budget. Dilia, Bolton

"Although some would argue that it is possible to live on £ 15 a week, it's not a life"

Sarah Lancaster

To live on little money is difficult unless you choose for yourself a life that is expensive. People decide for themselves what they want to have a house, a car, going to the pub, and then complain that they do not have enough money to survive. A few months ago, I quit my job and home and went to Europe. In the five months I have been traveling almost with nothing. I slept in nature, away, from the people with whom he met when hitchhiking. I learned how to find food, to write off on the release supermarkets and other alternatives to everyday life. I realized that there are so many incredibly lucky people who live on a pittance. Jamie, Turkey

I — an American, I'm 25 years old, I live in central London and I work five days a week. After taxes, my salary — less than 950 pounds [45,000 rubles] a month. About 770 pounds [37,000 rubles] I pay for rent. That is, in other expenses is less than 200 pounds [9,500 rubles]. We have to look for jobs nurse, waitress, participation in focus groups. Actually, not so hard to save, only common sense to understand what is required, and that — no. I work a lot, but I can survive and sometimes even get out to the city for a party — without government assistance. Jackie, London

The most annoying thing in the economy — that's how it affects your mood. While some argue that it is possible to live on 15 pounds [700 rubles] a week, it is not life. If you basically can not afford to eat, not saving on something else, even in the most desperate optimists will depression. Especially, considering the fact that you're constantly surrounded by consumer advertising, and you are brainwashed into thinking that happiness necessarily need to have all the best. Sarah Lancaster

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