HSCI experts have reported on the DNA chip Etnogen

In June 2013 Human Stem Cell Institute (JSC "HSCI) took part in the European Conference of Human Genetics (European Human Genetics Conference-2013). HSCI experts presented to the participants of the conference report "Predictive genetic testing using DNA microarray technology — a promising preventive approach to medical practice", which described the developed in HSCI DNA chip "Etnogen" for the diagnosis of hereditary diseases, the press service of the HSCI.

Chip "Etnogen" is fundamentally different from those already on the market diagnostic systems in that it focuses on identifying genetic diseases specific to the peoples living on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. The results of the clinical validation showed that "Etnogen", with the reliability of over 98%, reveals more than 60 monogenic hereditary diseases and predisposition to 10 widespread multifactorial diseases with a genetic component (such as thrombophilia, hypertension, ischemic stroke, osteoporosis, etc.) . Subsequently, the number of diagnosed chip "Etnogen" of genetic diseases and characteristics will increase.  Currently, DNA chip Etnogen used for medical and genetic research in the laboratory of the Institute of Human Stem Cells.

Since January 2012 HSCI is actively developing socially significant project to create a network of RF medical genetics centers GENETICO, whose main purpose is to inform people about healthy available in the risk of inherited diseases. This approach allows healthy people to obtain information about their genetic makeup for their own health and to prevent the birth of children in their family with a severe genetic disease.

Approximately half of all cases of inheritance of disease occurs when the mother and father did not suffer from hereditary diseases, but are latent carriers of the damaged genes. If a child inherits from each parent of such a gene is affected, it will lead to the development of the disease. Guided by information about their own genetic characteristics obtained using DNA chip "Etnogen" as well as the possibility of using modern reproductive medicine, the parents will be able to give birth to a healthy baby and avoid the risk of conceiving a child with severe or fatal hereditary disease.

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