I lost my faith, time to give up

It seems that in the U.S. and actually comes true Karachun. And it's not in the budget sequestration, a huge national debt and other economic problems. Americans are rapidly being destroyed as a nation. Every year they are increasingly losing faith in themselves and in their country.

Here is my translation of the article, which tells of the sudden transfer of media magnate Glenn Beck in which he states the apparent death of American Freedom:

http://www.wnd.com/2013/03/glenn-beck-ive-lost-faith-time-to-surrender /

Glenn Beck: I lost my faith, time to give up

Glenn Beck

Proclaiming that "America is bleeding" and is rapidly moving towards death, the media mogul Glenn Beck said that he had lost faith in many institutions that have made the United States such a great country, and it is time to "give up".

"When the government says that they can use drones to kill us without a warrant or court proceedings, my God, America is definitely dead," Beck said during his transfer on Tuesday night.

"I have lost faith in my government, I have lost faith in the media, banks, the judiciary, the police of some of our large cities … Fifteen years ago, I did not have faith only in the traffic police. I now put into question everything. I have no more faith in any of these institutions. "

But Beck said that he did not have to "believe in any of these institutions," and offered to surrender tactics.

"I remember that admission of defeat is an important step on the road to victory. The capitulation. You are powerless before it. And you. We are powerless before the things that are happening in Washington. And what should we do? We have to try to make amends for the things we were doing wrong. We have to try to live differently. Conduct an inventory, focus on the things that we can influence, and a lot of work on them. "

He continued: "At the time I lost faith in everything else has increased my faith in my family and in God. I raised my children and made sure that I'm as close to them as I can. That's where we should be. Everything that is created by man, is illusory, so we need to invest our faith, time and energy into what God created. "

At one point during his program, he sank to the floor of his studio in Texas and knelt in front of an American flag, as if trying to save a dying Lady Liberty.

"America is bleeding. And some of us have seen the bleeding, "he said. "We grab a coat or a blanket, and we descend down, and we are on earth, and what do we do? Every time we put something on the wound to stop the bleeding, "he said, portraying the dressing on the wound bleeding imaginary patient.

"If you saw the movie, where people were bleeding to death, what are these people? They gurgled and coughed. This is what America is doing right now! She is lying on the ground, she gurgles, we keep our hands on the wound, some of us! "He said, continuing to depict the scene of salvation:" Do not go. Speak to me. Do not close your eyes, do not sleep. Wake up! Do not go! ".

"When the film comes to this, this person usually dies," he said. "Her eyes roll. In our case, Lady Liberty is in critical condition. But she will not die this way. "

As part of its call to action, Beck urged parents to take their children out of public schools.

"I'm telling you to take the children out of these schools. This ideological camps. They set up our children against us. They set up our children against all the values that we have ever held dear, they hurt them even more. There is nothing more important than our children. The bottom line is that personality is more important than the team, and they are taught in schools just the opposite. It is sad that we have forgotten it. "


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