I work in a queue for bread


The picture that comes to mind for most people when they think of the Great Depression — all over the bread. Black-and-white photographs of people standing in a queue around the block to get a loaf of bread and take it home to his family. It was a time of great famine that not all survived. It has been estimated that from hunger and disease due to malnutrition died about 7 million people.

Today, in this great depression, which some call a recession, and some even say that it ended four years ago, the bread is still distributed in lines. These days, they are not easy to see how in the 30s, because they are hidden inside. Now 47 million Americans use food stamps. This — every six Americans. Unemployment, underemployment and rising inflation in food and energy prices pushed these Americans in poverty network. The social stigma of food stamps is now almost completely lost, because there was a program debit card called EBT cards (Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) — «electronic benefits transfer" the food of the "allowed list" and non-alcoholic beverages by electronic cards, operates in the United States and England).

I work as a cashier in a nationally-known discount store. I sell clothes, cleaning products and food products. People who I sell different — all colors, races, ages, are men and women. But most of them have one thing in common — Card EBT. In my view, about half of the sales that I perform, paid cards EBT. People are paying three different ways. They use what's left on their card EBT, then use what's left on their debit card, and then turn the purse to collect the required amount, sometimes they can not raise enough money.

Another common feature of those people to whom I sell, in addition to poverty, poor health is. The food that I sell, is not conducive to health, does not in any way. I sell potato chips, chocolate bars, bread, canned goods, ice cream, lemonade, meat products, cigarettes and alcohol. I quickly noticed that a common component of most foods — sugar and grain. Sugar and grains are easy to grow, cheap to process and they are used as fillers in the semis to reduce the cost and taste for heckling other questionable ingredients. Corn and sugar are working together to re-warm the body and threaten the immune system.

And also, grains and sugars have no nutritional value other than calories, their main purpose — to warm up the body. They did not ensure that food, which the body needs. Because the functioning of the body required nutrients, which are not due to such a diet, the body takes these substances from bones, teeth and brain. Bone loss, tooth decay and reduce the functionality of the brain — the sad symptoms of malnutrition. The poorest clients that I sell are the most sick. I saw a toothless mouths, and the old and the young. Mental retardation — another common feature of many of them. I even saw one poor woman whose skin was green. These people are slowly dying of starvation, and not even realize it.

I work in the bread lines, because the struggle to feed their families. I work full time, with no overtime. At the weekend I earn on the side. And now found a third job — the cashier in the evenings. I have two small children whom my jen nursing and teaching, sitting at home. My wife and one child suffer from health problems due to allergies to corn and sugar, as well as due to nutritional deficiency. This means that, basically, we can eat only meat and vegetables, which are much more expensive than corn and sugar, and we need to spend about a hundred dollars a month to buy additional power. To help his family pay for the necessary, I sometimes eat any muck, so they can get good products. My colleagues do not live better than I do, and most of them also have cards EBT.

The Food Stamp Program is funded not heaven and not friendly government of the rich. It is financed by money taken out of my paycheck for taxes. 30% of my income goes to the [federal] taxes, and another 20% goes to taxes to the city treasury and the state treasury. If I returned the money, my wealth would have increased by half. And when I click on the Cashier button and watch as the patient buyer empties his card EBT, I think that now I'm paying for one of these purchases.

I do not believe in government handouts, because they contribute according to distort thinking, destroy the entrepreneurial spirit of man, and of course, it's a rip-off. But I suppress my desire to tell the buyer that he should personally thank me for shopping, because I understand that part of this sale will go on my salary, and no sales on EBT cards that store probably would close, and I did not would work. And then I realize that I, too, am standing in line for bread, and I think the irony of the situation, when a starving feeds the starving poor in our time.

Source: I Work on the Breadline, Jason Ford, Planet Infowars, September 27, 2013.


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