IBM Corporation in the United States has cut 1,300 staff


The world's largest provider of computer services to multinational IBM as part of a global restructuring has reduced this week, according to the organization Alliance @ IBM, 1,300 employees in the United States.

Alliance @ IBM, which is part of the union Communications Workers of America, says that among the laid-off employees was 222 units of marketing software and 165 people from the research department to develop semiconductor components. The decision to restructure was made after the April results of the first quarter.

Coordinator of the Trade Union Alliance @ IBM Conrad Lee (Lee Conrad) confirmed that the reduction affected virtually every department. Employees were laid off from IBM in Raleigh (NC), New York, Austin (Texas), Burlington (Vermont).

It is supposed to spend this year on the program of financial recovery IBM about $ 1 billion, including the payment of severance benefits. The costs of restructuring the workforce is constantly growing. In 2012, according to this article, spent $ 803 million in 2011 — $ 440 million

Speaking in April about the upcoming layoffs, IBM has promised that the cuts mainly affect foreign affiliates. Conrad said that, since April, IBM has cut 128 jobs in Denmark, 250 -, and 700 in Italy — in Germany.

In connection with the restructuring of the company issued a statement in which it indicated that the technology industry is characterized by constant change and transformation are an important element in the business model of IBM. Consequently, fluctuations in the number of employees is essential for its activity.

At the same time, IBM refused to go into details of ongoing layoffs. Based on projected costs, the analyst Lawrence Balter (Laurence Balter) of Oracle Investment Research has estimated that in 2013 is expected to reduce from 6000 to 8000.

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