If you know of a Jewish woman who had a sexual relationship with a Gentile, type 2

The organization "Lehavi" (Hebrew — Flame), the stated purpose of which is to "fight against assimilation in the Holy Land," set up a special phone line, such as those used by large commercial companies for customer service.


By calling, every citizen can inform activists "Lehavi" on Jewess, met with "goy", about the upcoming marriage of Jews and non-Jews about the "goyah" caring for Jewish women. The organization promises to "help" to the victims and to "rescue" Jewish women from non-Jewish boyfriends and from mixed marriages.

Those who score a phone number of the organization, will hear on the answering machine to the following:

"If you take place in connection with a Gentile and need immediate assistance, dial" 1 ". If you know of a Jewish woman who had a sexual relationship with a Gentile, and want to help her, type" 2. "If you know of a goy, posing as a Jew, Gentile, pestering Jewish girls, a place in which there are unwanted meetings, dial "3." If you want to help us save the daughters of Israel, type "4".

By typing "?" Anyone can listen to the names of "goyim pursuing Jewish Women" and find the places where there is a mixture ("itbolelut").

Audio recording of an answering machine is published on the portal Walla.

Chairman of the organization "Lehavi" Benzi Gofshtein, responding to a question Walla, proudly reported that "the phone to denunciations" helped "save" for 10 women.

Last August, a Jerusalem organization "Il Amim" filed a police complaint against the "Lehavi" and its chairman Gofshtein, accusing them of inciting "racist violence". Gofshtein responded by saying that there is no racism in his actions, no, he just struggles with assimilation — and that Jews are commanded not only to Halacha, but also the nation's leaders, David Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir.

Video of the "work" of the organization "Lehavi":


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