Imitation orgasm: how to do it like a man

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Men and women — different. Not better, not worse, just different. We have a lot of differences in anatomy, physiology, psychology, etc. Even orgasms are different — for women it's more psychological, physiological and men. It is estimated that a woman is more difficult to achieve "top of the world", so they often resort to a little feminine wiles — simulation (simulation) orgasm.

Remember even an episode from the movie "When Harry Met Sally" where Meg Ryan had a very impressive portrayed groans, facial expressions and gestures, showing the classic "fake" female orgasm.

However, a survey conducted by the British daily show "This Morning", was shocked with the results — 19% of men, that is, almost one in five, imitate orgasm in bed. There is a natural and quite an interesting question — okay, you can still understand why … But how do they do it?

Movement — an orgasm

To start analyze the mechanism of the male orgasm in order to understand — it is theoretically possible to imitation. In this respect, a man is very simple. Nature treated him harshly enough — a male orgasm only receive a reward for biological executed debt. That is, for the outpouring of semen.

Resettled all of this: like all mammals, in the urethra near the root of the penis is thickening — seminal colliculus (colliculus seminalis — Lat.). Through the thickness of the seed tubercle are ejaculatory ducts. Sperm, passing through them during ejaculation (ejaculation), stretches the ducts and irritates the nerve endings in the area of seed tubercle. This is orgasmic experiences in men.

Simultaneously, the blood flow to the pelvic organs. That is why a person experiences a sense of ease (sometimes develops into emptiness), relaxation, relief, and other amenities. Of course, men are not alien to the psychological experiences in the form of joy or delight, but the main component of the male orgasm — mechanistic. Movement — life. In this case, the new. And the orgasm — the reward for its creation. And an incentive to keep it quite right for the environment and is good for a man to do.

How to cheat nature

So, there is no sperm — no orgasm. Cheap, dirty and biologically feasible. In some eastern sexology exercises on these physiological phenomena based technique of multiple male orgasm when the sperm stops in seed tubercle and comes back (achieved by training the specific muscles). Thus, it is possible to have an orgasm without ejaculating, slightly deceiving nature.

In addition, some of the "craftsmen" practicing ejaculation "in itself," or more precisely, into the bladder, learning to control a kind of "switch". After the urethra in men prints or urine, or semen. Remember, men are hard to go to the toilet in a little immediately after ejaculation. It works obturator mechanism. Some manage it "crack" and make sperm not go outside, and the inside.

However, not all possess this technology, also has enough many hidden — and quite real health — hazards and delays especially redirecting the flow of sperm — so not a mass phenomenon of male orgasm without ejaculation.

How to cheat woman

But this is a bigger task than to outwit nature. Experienced woman, especially not the first day met with one and the same man, in the majority of cases it feels ejaculation. Moreover, it is difficult to explain the lady then why "it was", and out of it, "nothing." In the sense that the result of ejaculation anyway — at least partially — stand out from the female genital tract.

The only option — when the sexual act is carried out in the men's condom (in the women's, again, should be "result") in conditions of poor visibility (eg, intimate muted or even turned off the light) and a small experience of the partner. In this case, man, especially when he's tired, he has no desire to continue the partner is not so exciting, and everything bad — a man can imitate orgasm, depicting twitching and moaning.

If after that he will go into the shower, and the lady did not require to produce for inspection a condom (you imagine such a situation?), Thenmale deception may remain undiscovered. And what if a woman does not use its ability to remove the soul, and find out whether your partner likes it — hypocrisy female feels a mile away.

However, there is one more option — man imitates orgasm, woman feels it, but the game supports, it may even itself in response to the rapid fakes ecstasy. However, it is to the psychology of interpersonal relationships — and a completely different story …

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