In Africa, the frightened thief penises



Men in Central Africa are afraid to shake hands with strangers for fear of losing the penis. As reported by The Daily Telegraph, the police three Central African countries looking for a mysterious man who makes disappear touch the genitals of their victims.

Villagers Tiringoulu told that they had seen the stranger, who came on the truck from Sudan, the two men robbed a member, only after shaking hands with them. One of them — the seller of tea.

"He paid the price for tea in the store. And then the seller handed out to shake her. When he took the hand of the buyer, it is the beginning of the trustee, if he was electrocuted. And then his penis is smaller than that of a child. Sold began to cry, and around it was a big crowd, "- said one of the peasants.

Another man complained that he was left without a penis during a fight, after a stranger grabbed him by the arm.

Total Thief male genitals declared itself in Nigeria, Laos, Sudan and Cameroon. Men in these countries were told that their penises disappeared under similar circumstances.

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