In Alaska, found a huge underwater volcano

May 17, 2013. Two geologist with Fr. The Prince of Wales and the city of Anchorage in the analysis of a fragment of the image between the hydrographic Thorne Arm and found it Raderdom design consisting of a large hill, and next to it two dome-shaped structure. After some discussion, the geologists concluded that the elevation and two adjacent dome is nothing like oceanic volcano caused quite close to the national park Misty Fjords.

Most likely, the formation of an open Alaska volcano occurred as the famous scientist Sarts volcanic island near Iceland. In 1960 the Icelandic underwater volcano has erupted continuously, and ejected from the crater lava, freezing, first formed the slopes of the volcano under water, and then raised Sarts over the sea.

New volcano in Alaska was less fortunate — because of the constant rise in sea level, he was never able to overcome the deep. It last erupted 13,000 years. The rise of the volcano also helped thaw the powerful ice cap, the volcano harboring several centuries. Ice first pressed onto the surface of the volcano, and when thawed, the volcano a little "otpruzhinil" up.

Geologists and seismologists assure that in the future, outlines the new volcano eruption, as geological faults in Alaska do not lose their activity and the Earth's crust is in constant motion. For people such eruption is unlikely to be dangerous, as in our day monitoring volcanoes is at a high level.


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