In America, the use of a new regional warning system for tornadoes

April 23, 2013. Sirens that have been used to alert you to accidents across the United States, one day decided to replace the message on the phones, the technology is now cheaper and potentially more reliable.

Notification on the phone already begun to use, but so far in conjunction with the sirens. Emergency officials in several counties say that the sound is not always audible warning to people who are in areas with thick walls. In addition, the siren is very expensive to maintain and repair.

"The new technology works well", — said the director of emergency services the county Appleton. "I tend to prefer the use of fully mobile phones."

Technically correct, this function is called "wireless emergency warning" and its use in the states began last year. The system translates the three types of alerts: for tornadoes and other life-threatening storms, the presidential notification in the event of a national emergency and Amber alert for missing children.

Upon receipt, the phone displays a short text message, accompanied by a melody than the standard ring tones user. Free notifications are sent to all phones in the area where it was issued a tornado warning, of course, provided that they are within range of the tower.

That is, if you'll be in the area that may be affected by a tornado — you get this message, no matter where you are officially live.

Unfortunately, the notification does not work on old cell phones. In order to make sure that your phone supports the new notification system, you can contact your service provider wireless telephony.

The new system will replace the sirens that were used since the days of the Cold War. This system proved to be unfit during a severe storm in April 2011, while twelve sirens did not work, and the east coast of the United States has suffered from a series of tornadoes, the newspaper said.

In addition to service one siren a year to about ten thousand dollars. A new installation is from twenty to one hundred and twenty thousand.

Source: Rage Of Nature

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