In Birmingham, the student committed suicide, unable to bear the harassment of immigrant classmates

In the UK scandal erupted around the death of a nine-year student in Birmingham. It turned out that he was one of the few white students in his class and was hung up, unable to endure threats from peers

Nine-year-Dagmor Aaron (Aaron Dugmore) died in a children's hospital in Birmingham on February 12, but the circumstances of his death hit the press two weeks later. It turned out that the boy hanged himself Feb. 11, 2013 in his room. He was found by his mother was still alive, but doctors were unable to save the child's life.

Reporters learned that the child could commit suicide, unable to endure bullying classmates, Aaron went to school "Erdington Hall primers» (Erdington Hall Primary School) in the north-eastern outskirts of Birmingham. It is reported that 75 percent of students in it are from immigrant families, mostly Asians, and the Englishman was there Dagmor "national minority." Neighbors child's relatives told reporters that the boy had recently been received by the school, was attacked by the senior-Asians.

Dagmora mother, Kelly Marie (Kelly-Marie), said that her son lived in fear because of bullying by peers: "One of the boys even threatened him with a plastic knife, and when Aaron tried to stand up for himself, he promised that next time it will be a real knife "- quoted a woman newspaper The Sun.

According The Daily Mail, Dagmoru threatened for the fact that he is white, and the boy was forced to hide from their abusers during breaks.

British media say that Kelly-Marie Dagmor tried to negotiate with the teachers, so that they are not allowed to poison her son, but the director Colleen Martin (Martin Collin) told the woman that she was not forced to give the child is in this school.

The site of the institution said that its leadership brings condolences and prays with her parents Aaron Dagmora, but without any indication that the child has committed suicide. However, on the home page of the school said that after the event are encouraged to talk with students about what to do in a sad moment, "Tell an adult that you feel helpless or you oppress the future, ask for help." The last item is recommended for children, "laugh and have fun without feeling guilty for it."

Back in 2007, The Telegraph newspaper reported that English was the language of the minority in 1338, or one in twenty schools in the UK, with 600 of them speak English less than one third of students.

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