In Cambodia, the continuing flood

October 3, 2013. Largest South-East Asian Mekong River, received a huge portion of rainfall after a meeting with typhoon Vutip, burst its banks and caused the deaths of at least 39 residents Cambodia. Suffered from the rising water of the order of 100,000 Cambodian families living on the banks of the Mekong. The capital city of Phnom Penh element passed.

Almost all the victims overnight became refugees because of their fragile huts flooded with water or completely demolished to the foundations. Such buildings, local authorities have counted about 89 200. In addition, under the influence of flooding were building 533 schools and 291 Buddhist pagoda. In addition to rehabilitation of housing and buildings of cultural and social values of Cambodians out of 13 provinces (of 24) will have to decide on the supply of rice from other countries or provinces survived the flood, as the Mekong flood has destroyed 100 hectares of crops this strategic culture.

Despite the fact that the power of floods is increasing is not the first day, for the evacuation of the population is still in the planning stages. People who have a boat, trying to solve the problem yourself, because Vutip, becoming a tropical storm, continues to water the territory of Cambodia and Laos.

Flood Season in Cambodia to the period from August to October. In 2011 there was one of the biggest floods in the country, while the number of victims has reached 250 people. Last year's floods have killed 13 Cambodians.


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