In Canada, the expected strong earthquake

In Canada, the expected strong earthquake danger zone

Canadian geologists believe that we should expect a strong earthquake, comparable in scale to the disasters in Japan and China. It is assumed that the most vulnerable region is the West Coast, where over 6000 years, there were 13 earthquakes of magnitude 9, the last of which was 311 years ago.

Other seismically dangerous areas include Baffin Island, the Ottawa Valley and St. Lawrence Valley. Considered the most tranquil regions of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

On the West Coast for the last 70 years there have been over 100 earthquakes of at least 5. This is one of the unique regions, there is movement of the tectonic plates of three types (divergence, convergence, shear displacement). Between the Queen Charlotte Islands and Vancouver Island Tihookeanicheskaya plate in contact with the North American, forming the Queen Charlotte fault. The largest earthquake of the 20th century in Canada was 8.1 force along the fault in 1949.

West of Vancouver Island tectonic plate, Juan de Fuca is moving towards the North American plate at a rate of 2.5 centimeters per year. It is believed that these plates are already connected. Their pressure on each other is up to 300 small earthquakes annually. In the future, boards should move apart from each other, leading to a powerful earthquake measuring 9.

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