In Canada, the woman arrested for the photos uploaded on the Internet graffiti cop with a bullet in the forehead

It turned out that not all photographs can be published in Instagram. In Montreal, the police raided the house of a girl who has posted on the social network picture graffiti city police representative Ian Lafrenera with a bullet in his head.

In March, 20-year-old Jennifer Paulak provocative graffiti photographed in one of the districts of Montreal, according to the American edition of The Huffington Post. On the wall was painted with a police bullet in the forehead. It turned out that the so depicted the city police representative Ian Lafrenera. The girl posted photos in Instagram and was extremely surprised when the next morning the police came to her house with a warrant for arrest.

"A lot of my friends do not like cops. I thought it would be just plain fun, so the posted photo. I do not even know who he is, Ian Lafrener "- said the girl.

Jennifer is accused of is that it threatens the prominent representatives of the City Police Department. She was taken to the police station and interrogated for more than four hours. Canadian law enforcement officers believe that she will pursue Lafrenera and is now awaiting trial. And she is not allowed to approach the home of Jan Lafrenera and urban police department closer than one kilometer.

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