In China, the government collapsed two granaries

Many of the state granaries in China may be empty.

Early in the morning of January 30 in the area of Inner Mongolia Bayannaoer storage building collapsed state grain reserves. A week later, on February 7 collapsed a second repository, located nearby. Information about this attracted the attention of the public to the real situation with food supplies in China.

According to China's radio and warehouses were built in 2003, each 17 meters high, with a diameter of 12 meters and a capacity of 1,200 tons. Their construction has been spent over 300 million yuan ($ 42 million). It was found that at the time of the collapse in both stores, there were about two thousand tons of wheat. The authorities explained what had happened too strong temperature changes.

Drought and "record harvests"

Wang Weili, hydraulics specialist, currently living in Germany, told The Epoch Times, which for the past seven years, the Chinese authorities to warn each year of record harvests and despite the fact that according to the same authorities drought in the country every year are enhanced .

"For example, in 2009 the country was in a severe drought, the government for the first time in many years, declared the highest red level of danger. There have been reports of deaths of a large number of wheat crops. But then at the end, the government has reported a rich harvest. Last year it was the same thing, despite the severe drought, the government reported a record harvest. As if no drought and it was not at all. But at the same time, if look at the statistics, over the years, the volume of imported wheat in China has been steadily increasing. It's safe to say that the reports of a rich harvest — is another lie of the authorities of the PRC, "- says Wang.

Empty state storage

In December 2008, the newspaper "Chinese youth," quoted Yuan Lunbina academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who said: "To me there are reports of false statements [the authorities] about the situation with the state granaries. At least two of these storage areas are empty. Also, storage in use are often transmitted to other parties for profit ".

In December last year at one of the state granaries in Hefan city of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province there was a fire. In-fighting has been involved 13 fire brigades. The flame was quickly extinguished, no human casualties. However, firefighters found that storage was not a single seed. In small refrigeration compartments, from which the fire started, it was a bit of pork, and lots of cardboard.

Local sources said that in the Nanchane state granaries are empty for a long time and that they rent out.

In addition, in China there are cases of theft of government grain reserves. For example, last year, the Chinese media reported that the state repository in Fujin City, Heilongjiang Province there were 4 of collective theft of grain, the total of which amounted to 41,570 tons.

Source: The Epoch Times

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