In Chukotka, killing whales

September 14, 2013. Representatives of the Marine Mammal Council together with the workers of the Russian Research Institute for Nature Conservation and the Russian FSB Border the Chukotka Autonomous Region held in the first week of September survey of 800 aviation-kilometer stretch of the coast of the Arctic region. In a survey of experts found the remains of at least ten whales made waves on the coast.

The remains of six of the ten whales were found at the distance of 120 kilometers (between the villages and Neshkan Nutepelmen in the Chukotka region), which is a worrisome indicator and requires a thorough investigation. The remains of another whale found between the villages of Billings and Ryrkaypy Iultinsky district, and the deaths of three more whales reported residents of Chaun district.

The reasons for such a massive loss of gray whales Alaska-California population, which are included in the fifth category of the Red Book of Russia (the category of "recovered and recovering taxa"), may be very different — from the natural (or killer whale attack a certain disease) to human factors (attack marine poachers ).

Experts stress that the real number of dead animals may be more, because not all of them are beaching. In addition, the number of remains of dead animals on the beach can also be a half to two times more than able to detect during this expedition.

This expedition was organized in the framework of the joint research program of the Russian Geographical Society and the Council on Marine Mammals.

Source: News Gismeteo

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